D&D Enc Murder in Baldur’s Gate – Session 8

Murder-Baldurs-coverThis week our FLGS (Tabletop Tyrants) was very crowded and so we were limited on space, as a couple of players were running late we decided to run as a single group for this week so the group consisted of:-

  • Tanis – Half-elf Paladin
  • Jamie – Elf Ranger
  • Hannah – Half-orc Fighter
  • Jodie – Elf Rogue
  • Amy – Human Cleric
  • Josh – Dragonborn Paladin
  • Richard – Halfling Rogue
  • Shane – Half-orc Barbarian
  • Vipin – Dragonborn Monk

The heroes gathered at Coran’s mansion for breakfast (though they were unable to awaken Adam from his inebriated slumber and left him to sleep it off ).  After a discussion the heroes decided to split up, Tanis, Jamie, Josh and Shane wanted to head down to the Seatower and see if any new bounty’s had been posted; Amy, Vipin and Richard wanted to visit the Harbourmaster and the Felogyr’s Fireworks to find out more of the large shipments of smoke powder ingredients; while Hannah and Jodie wished to head out to Little Calimsham and see if the Guild had any new assignments for them.

As they set out they heard one of the Baldur’s Mouth criers announcing that the Parliament of Peers had rescinded the early closing of the Upper City, but had resurrected the old duelling laws within the city.


“According to the old law, any person can demand immediate redress in the form of a one-on-one duel for any perceived wrong another person commits against that individual. Traditionally, duels are fought to first blood, but the combatant who suffers the first wound can choose not to yield. It is against the law for anyone to intervene in someone else’s duel. I f a person intrudes on a duel, he or she can be arrested or the original duelists’ friends can challenge the intruder.”


As they walked the streets they could see that several people were already discussing the announcement, with many wondering if some would use the opportunity to settle old scores. After agreeing to meet back up later the heroes headed off to their chosen tasks.


Tanis, Jamie, Josh and Shane


Taking a direct route towards the Seatower led them down one of the steeper streets of the Lower City and as they walked they heard a number of screams behind them, turning they saw people scattering as a cart came wildly downhill towards them. Jamie calmly sidestepped out of the way as Tanis tried to lay between the wheels and allow it to pass over him. Josh and Shane decided to try and halt the driverless vehicle.  The cart clipped Tanis’s armoured shoulder, setting it bouncing, Josh slowed its speed slightly but was still brushed aside. Shane decided to use his head, literally! Meeting the cart with his lowered skull, which broke through the wooden planking, embedding the half-orc. The cart continued on its wild ride with Shane hanging/being dragged along with it. Giving chase Josh managed to catch hold with a taloned hand but only gouged the wood as it sped along. Shane recovered his senses enough to try and use himself as a brake, and though he did bring the cart to an eventual stop the jarring against the cobbled street caused several bumps and bruises to his legs. Once his companions caught up they examined the empty cart and realised that the harness used to attach whatever animal (or person) that usually pulled it had intentionally been severed. With no other clues forthcoming they made sure it wa secured and continued on their way.


Arriving dockside they examined the bounties posted on the notice boards, though there were few to read. The Fist were still offering 50 gold coins for the capture of Laraelra Thundreth, former captain of the Low Lantern tavern, who still remained at large. There was also a notice from Waterdeep advising all cities up and down the Sword Coast to be aware that the infamous assassin Oskar Balisfyre was abroad. The authorities in Waterdeep were offering 500 gold coins for the succesful capture of the halfling, 200 for his corpse, but the notice advised that he was to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. They had heard that the Low Lantern had re-opened for business and decided to try their luck  in finding the errant captain.


They gathered a few looks as they entered but no-one challenged their entry, enquiring at the bar revealed that the captain hadn’t been seen since the “closure”. During the questioning Josh partook of some fine Elven wine whilst Tanis and Shane stuck to the less refined (though by no means less alcoholic) scrumpy on offer. One of the patrons said they’d seen the captain

Laraelra Thundreth

Laraelra Thundreth

and for the price of a couple of gold revealed that he had seen the former tavern owner signing on as crew for the Endeavour,  a cargo vessel anchored in the harbour. Finishing their drinks the heroes set off in search of a dock worker willing to ferry them out to the ship.


Boarding the vessel, the crew were curious as to their presence and Josh announced they had business to discuss with their captain. They were escorted to his cabin, where they found him poring over a chart. After a discussion and more coins

changing hands he admitted that Laraela was onboard and agreed to allow them 20 minutes in his cabin with her to “discuss” matters. She was summoned to the cabin and as the captain left them alone, she calmly sat in his chair and put her booted feet up on his desk.  With a pretense of conversation the heroes quickly distracted her and knocked her unconscious. Leaving the cabin with Tanis carrying her the ships captain was unhappy to see them taking his crew member, Tanis threw him a small purse of coins as he, Shane and Jamie prepared to leave the ship. Josh however decided to unleash his dragonbreath upon the captain and a pair of his crew. The heroes had to beat a hasty retreat as several of the sailors rushed to their captains aid, and chose to leap overboard into the harbour. Luckily they hailed a passing docker and bought passage on his cargo raft back to shore, their prisoner still unconscious, and once ashore took her to the Seatower to claim the bounty.


Amy, Vipin and Richard

Arriving at the Harbourmaster’s office the heroes find a pair of Fist soldiers on guard at the door while a Gauntlet (corporal) was discussing the break in and theft with the Harbourmaster inside. As the Gauntlet left, the heroes went in expressing their thanks that the extra taxes had now been dropped. They offered any help they could to secure the offices for the Harbourmaster but he respectfully declined, happy that the Fist were now going to station guards outside at all times. Aware that no more information could be gained they bid him farewell and headed uphill to the firework makers.

The store was unmistakable and inside was more elaborate than outer. Several assistants were serving customers, business was obviously good. Richard noticed one particular customer who kept looking around nervously as he completed his transaction, and once he’d left the heroes approached the assistant that had served him. The found that many people were making purchases of fireworks in preparation for the upcoming Feast of the Moon (a 3 day celebration of the passing of the dead held annually in the city). When their questions became more focused the assistant said they’d need to talk to the owner and called him over.

Avery Sonshal was a happy, ruddy-faced halfling and was quite happy to discuss his business with the heroes. When they enquired about the large shipments he told them that although they had been ordered by him they were for a customer directly and offered to show them the transaction records. Following him through the back of the shop they passed through his workroom where several halfings and humans were carefully measuring and mixing the components for the smokepowder used in their fireworks. They entered his office and Avery climbed a small ladder to recover a leather-bound tome. He searched a couple of pages before showing them the entries they were looking for. The customer, one Horus Kope, had purchased large amounts of the separate ingredients via the store that were delivered directly to a number of warehouses on the docks. Kope had also requested contact details for Avery’s suppliers to arrange further, larger shipments directly. Avery happily gave the heroes the locations of the warehouses and they set off to investigate further.

Vipin said he would meet the others at their destination and left to enquire with his contacts amongst the city for further information on the warehouses, their owners and the mysterious Kope. His secretive ally said he would drop the information off at Vipin’s residence in a few hours. Vipin asked if they could find out more about the mysterious Kope and his contact stared at him incredulously, “Kope, Horus Kope. Are you having a laugh? Horoscope! Someone’s obviously taking the goldenflow”.

Catching back up with his colleagues they discovered that the 5 warehouses were owned by 3 different patriar families, the Jhasso family, Hullhollyn family and the Rillyn family, but all told the same story – the goods had been unloaded and delivered but were collected by the customer within a few hours of arrival.

With no other leads apparent, Amy decided to revisit the Harbourmaster and take him for a drink (once he realised she was paying he readily agreed), while Vipin returned to his rented accommodation, Richard decided to stealthily follow the secretive dragonborn, managing to keep unseen and then taking up a position so as to keep a watch. Shortly a lamplad knocked on Vipin’s door and when the door opened he handed over a sealed envelope before scurrying off on his next delivery. Before Vipin could read the note, Richard broke cover and calmly knocked the door. Vipin was surprised to see his companion but with a sigh of resignation invited him in and they both read the information.

“The Jhasso family were members of the long-standing Seven Suns trading coster, despite suffering losses in the past they were back to a good level of business.

The Hullhollyn family own a couple of warehouses but also have their own small fleet of cargo ships.

The Rillyn family own a number of buildings in the lower city, warehouses as well as rentable accommodation. The head of the family, Ariax Rillyn, also served regularly as a judge in the city courts, most often when suspected Guild members were brought in and seemed to issue lighter sentences to those individuals.”

Hannah and Jodie

Exiting the Lower City the duo’s senses were assaulted by the smells of the Outer City as the various business’s hugging the walls gave off the fragrances of their particular wares. They headed for Little Calimsham and were well on their way when they realised a child was following them. When they turned to look at him he very badly tried to look inconspicuous, so they decided to lead him into an ambush in the twisting side streets. The child blundered into them and looked terrified that he had been caught. Questioning him they discovered that he wa a lamplad that “some geezer” had paid a “shiny” to follow the pair, with the promise that he would find the child later to hear where the heroes had gone. Hannah paid the boy 2 gold pieces to tell his mystery patron the wrong information and the child took the coins and with a grin said “yeah, you woz ‘eddin to the Seatower” before scuttling off into the streets. Jodie thought the child looked more like a halfling and curious, decided to follow the urchin. He headed through the Outer City, almost to Wyrm’s Crossing before entering a ramshackle building that turned out to be a shanty-dive tavern called the Slutty Mermaid.

As the heroes entered the child, who had been sitting on a stool at the makeshift bar, gave a squeal and dove behind it. The other patrons paid little attention as the duo walked forward, most were humans but a pair of dwarves appeared to be deep into a drinking contest at a nearby table. After talking to the barman and assuring him they meant the child no harm, the boy crawled out and stood before them once more. Jodie bluntly asked if he was indeed a halfling to which he replied no he wasnt. Their conversation was interrupted by a loud thump from behind, whirling around, hands on weapons, the heroes relaxed as they realised it was simply one of the dwarves finally succumbing to the drink and falling drunkenly out of his chair. Satisfied with the childs answers they let him go, and made to leave the tavern, as they got to the door Jodie called over her shoulder a traditional halfling farewell and glanced at the child. He’d already begun heading for the rear exit and winked cheekily at the elf before running away. With a shake of her head, Jodie followed her companion back towards Little Calimsham.

Arriving at the Calim Jewel Emporium they found Rael manning the counter and once the shop was empty asked if she had any suitable tasks for them. Rael did indeed have such a task. A pair of buildings in the Lower City were of interest to her, she needed the heroes to watch the comings and goings and discover if the buildings were left empty at night. Sounding simple enough, the duo agreed and set off back to the Lower City. As they passed through the crowded streets of Little Calimsham they noticed a build up in the crowd surrounding a group erecting a gaily coloured tent. As they approached they heard a familiar high-pitched voice, “No, no, no. You’re doing it wrong. Straight up you lazy fool”. They recognised the rotund form of Ibn, the former owner of the Oasis, who looked to be getting back in business. He caught sight of Hannah and recognised her, the colour draining from his face. She assured him that she wasnt there to shut him down again, and in appreciation he invited the duo to drop by anytime.

And so we ended the session with the groups of heroes all heading back towards Coran’s to regroup and share their information. Having discussed with Liam previously I informed the players to level up to 3rd level for next session. Hopefully the store wont be as crowded next week so that we can spread out a little more and resume as two groups. Running a group of 9 isn’t a major problem, once they chose to split up I tried to spend time with each sub-group evenly as we progressed the session, but with the limited time available to us it’s definitely easier with 2 smaller groups.

Not any real combat this week but I was very happy with the players willingness to immerse themselves into the ongoing story of the campaign, especially as talking to other DM’s I’ve heard that some groups have actually given up on the adventure as it wasnt interesting enough for them. A real shame as there is so much more to come….


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