D&D Enc Murder in Baldur’s Gate – Session 9

Murder-Baldurs-coverThis week saw us back to our seperate tables as we continue our adventures down at Tabletop Tyrants. This weeks table consisted of my regular players

  • Jamie – Elf Ranger
  • Vipin – Dragonborn Monk
  • Hannah – Half-orc Fighter
  • Richard – Halfling Rogue
  • Shane – Half-orc Barbarian

The heroes made their separate ways back towards Coran’s mansion and as they regrouped they spotted the familiar form of the flamoyant elf ahead, in heated discussion with a trio of young patriars. As they neared they could hear that one of the patriars was accusing Coran of leading his sister astray and “dishonouring” her at one of his recent parties, the smiling elf replied that the honour had been his and that the young woman had been their entirely by her own choice. With the new duelling laws in place the blustery youth challenged Coran, despite his companions attempts to dissuade him. The heroes had now caught up to them and also failed to convince the foolish boy to withdraw the challenge, and resignedly stepped back as blades were drawn. The youth attacked furiously but Coran barely exerted himself as he parried each and every strike. After several failed strikes Coran decided to end the farce and neatly sidestepped the latest attack, moving close to the patriar before smashing the basket hilt of his rapier into the youths nose with a satisfying crunch.  Coran was happy to leave it at that and the youths companions dragged him away before he could embarass himself further.

Returning to the mansion the heroes checked on their slumbering half-orc friend, the servants told them that he had awoken only to avail himself of another barrel before falling into bed once more. Happy that he was being looked after they left him there. The heroes accompanied Hannah to check out the address Rael had asked her to watch. The address was in the Lower City and on arrival could be seen to be a bustling patisserie, with customers coming and going. The heroes found somewhere to relax and watch from as the business began to slow and the staff then closed up the shop and left. Making sure that the street was clear of onlookers the heroes checked that the shop was empty, listening intently at the door and windows. Satisfied that no-one remained within they headed off to Little Calimsham and the Jewel Emporium to report their findings to Rael.  As the heroes moved through the Outer City Richard split off and headed down to Sows Foot alone. Reaching the Emporium Hannah reported her findings to Rael’s large friend and received a gleaming red gem in return. With no other instructions or requests forthcoming the heroes headed back with the intent of staying at Coran’s once again.

Richard arrived in Sows Foot and easily found Hamhock’s Slaughterhouse, several people were funneling into the building via the main doors, flanked by a pair of burly bruisers. He joined the throng and as he got to the door one of the doormen barred his path asking for the code. Richard passed him the note he had taken from the patriar he had mugged and reading it, the thug gave a grunting nod before returning it and letting him past. Inside the assembly stood murmuring, wondering what the nights meeting would reveal. Doors leading further into the building opened and a trio of cloaked figures entered. The lead figure mounted the stacked crates that made a makeshift stage while his companions flanked him, he removed his hood to show he was an older human male, probably about 50 or 60 years old but showing no sign of frailty. He called the throng to order and once the room was quiet he went on to talk about the unrest many of the Lower and Outer City residents had been downtrodden by the Patriars but now was the time to strike back at them where it would hurt most, to get their attention and demand a voice for the “little” people. It was no use hitting their business’s, no, family was what made them Patriars, so family was how to do it. He wanted volunteers to meet back here at twelth bell tomorrow to arrange to kidnap members of several Patriar families. At that the trio left the way they had come and with the assembled throng began filing out. Richard noticed a face that he thought looked familiar ahead of him but couldnt quite place it. He decided to follow the man, heading back into the Lower City and along the docks. Gradually the companions he walked with drifted away until only the man he followed walked on. Richard continued to follow him and saw him approach one of the Fist guards at the approach to the Seatower, he spent several minutes talking to the guard before off into the residential area of the Lower City. Eventually he stopped at a building, fumbling for his key, and checking the rest of the street was clear Richard struck, bringing the pommels of his weapons crashing down on the neck of the man and dropping him to the street. He quickly used the key to enter the building, dragging the unconcious man with him. The 2 room dwelling was sparsely furnished, a crisply made bed with a sturdy footlocker and big comfy looking armchair being the only furniture other than a simple wooden table. The footlocker had a big padlock on it which proved no problem to Richard, inside was the uniform of a Blaze of the Flaming Fist’s. Richard checked the unconscious man and found his brooch of office hidden within his clothing. He took the brooch and the silken cape from the locker, as he did so he noticed something odd about the chair out of the corner of his eye. Investigating he discovered the chair was covered in an illusion. It was actually a simple wooden chair with a weapon rack built into the back. The rack currently held a very good quality longsword and a loaded heavy crossbow. Richard bundled them up in the cape, slung them over his shoulder then dragged the man back into the street before re-locking the door and dropping the keys beside the body. He then headed back towards the Upper City. Unfortunately he was too late and the gates had been closed for the evening, so he headed back to Vipin’s rented house for the night.

The larger group had arrived back at the gates to the Upper City only to realise that the doors were closed for the evening and they did not have another “invite” from Coran, seeing their predicament a scraggily dressed woman offered to get them guided access through the Underceller for 20gp, when the heroes asked how much for unguided access she replied 25gp as it would cost them more to clean up after their corpses. They were about to give in to her extortionate price when a lamplad called out not to trust her and that he could take them to the Fetcher (master of the Underceller). They followed the young lad to a ramshackle lean-to and found the Fetcher inside he gave them access and brief directions for a lot less than the woman had asked for and the lamplad guided them to an entrance hidden within a deserted building.

Once in the tunnels they found their path splitting in two and a squirming mass of rats at the junction. Jamie used a Speak With Animals ritual to chat with a rat and get an idea of where the nearest “Sunlight” was, the rat led them back to where they had entered. Exploring the other direction they found a rotting door leading off from their tunnel. Vipin and Jamie listened intently at the door hearing nothing beyond but as they pulled back little maggot-like things could be seen burrowing into Jamie’s ear. A quick Cure Wounds spell put an end to them and the elf and dragonborn examined the room beyond. It was empty apart from a barrel in the far corner. Vipin noticed some sort of trap trigger on the barrels lid and attempted to disarm it with his thieves tools – and the lid exploded! Splinters of wood shot at the pair as the smokepowder charge triggered, shredding their faces. Once they recovered from the shock of that, they found the barrel full of coins and Vipin also noticed a wand carved from a single piece of a humanoids leg bone. As he picked the wand up he felt its voice in his head “You are the new master of the wand of Vangar” and pocketed his find to examine later. Meanwhile the other heroes were concerned that the rat that had accompanied them was acting agitated. Shane fired a flaming arrow down the dark corridor, which hit something wet and went out. Peering into the darkness Hannah was able to just discern the movement of a gelatious cube coming slowly towards them. Not wanting to face such a creature the heroes fled back to the ladder they had come down and returned to the Lower City and found lodgings for the night at a reasonably priced inn. During the night Vipin examined his new wand, finding it was capable of firing a ray of Fear once a day, he decided to test it on Hannah’s sleeping form. The half-orc began to fidget uncomfortably in her sleep and murmur.

Next morning all the heroes made their respective way back to Coran’s. As the larger group made their way they passed by the pattiserie there was quite a crowd outside it and as they walked by they realised that the building had caught fire during the night and was now a burnt out shell. From the conversation of the crowd it was believed that one of the ovens had apparently been left alight.

Arriving back at Coran’s the servants advised that the gaudy elf was out of the city but had left instructions to give the heroes food and lodging as needed. As they took some breakfast they noticed a dirty, scruffy looking halfling also there. He told them his name was Thurbuckle and if they fancied making some “easy cash” they should try their hands at the pit fights down at the Slutty Mermaid. Despite the party having a pair of burly half-orcs they didnt seem as interested so he bid them good fortune and went on his way. They heroes made their way back to Little Calimsham as Richard wanted to sell the longsword he’d acquired. As they approached Little Calimsham they realised that a rat seemed to be following them through the streets. Vipin chased the rat with the intention of killing it and everyone else chased Vipin to try and stop him. They were able to prevent him slaying the rat and Jamie gave it a morsel of food before allowing the rat to climb up on his shoulder where it continued to sit as they walked on to the Calim Jewel Emporium. Richard was able to sell the longsword for a nice profit and Hannah enquired as to the availability of Hand Crossbows. Rael’s large companion advised them to seek them from a seller down in Sow’s Foot  close to Wyrms Crossing and so the party set off to buy one.

Another fun session this evening, again more improvised than as written as I unfortunately  was late finishing work beforehand and so didnt get my normal prep time. That said I’m finding that it’s very easy to improvise within this format. With only 4 sessions left for this season I’m going to have discussions with my fellow DM (Liam) and get the necessary set pieces in place so that we can run the finale on time, from what I’ve read ahead of it we may possibly split the finale over a 2 session stretch rather than rush things, we’ll see.

As a side note, I regularly listen to the “Recounting Encounters” podcast from 20ft Radius and Dungeonsmaster and was happily surprised when I was mentioned by name in this weeks release – thanks guys 🙂


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