Keep on the Shadowfell Campaign – session 6

shadowfellStaying in Sir Keegan’s tomb for safety our heroes rest up, though their dreams are troubled with scenes of a rolling black cloud encroaching on Winterhaven with shambling figures moving within it. Just a dream or a portent of things to come? Shaking off the sense of foreboding as they awake they take stock from the crude map they had made for themselves so far, deciding to return to the chamber near to the entrance where they had found three unopened doors.

Shabba listened intently to the western most door but heard nothing within, a quick check of the door revealed it was untrapped and unlocked so the party entered, finding the chamber being used for stored foodstuffs. A brief search and resupply of their rations and it was on to the northern door. Shabba listened again and this time heard goblin voices within. The heroes burst in to find several goblins led by a hobgoblin armed with a red hot poker. The fight was a little awkward as Nadar decided to block the doorway up, preventing some of his allies getting into the fray initially. The poorly armed and armoured goblinoids soon fell to the heroes prowess and they also found a foul and dirty goblin in one of the cells. Apparently he had displeased their warchief and so was being punished. They tried to gather an idea of the numbers of goblins remaining with the chief but the filthy little creature had trouble counting past four “one, two, three…….erm…..lots”! They threw him the keys to free himself after securing his promise to leave. They then turned their attention to the double-doors leding east which they presumed led to the warchief’s lair. As they performed their now standard listening and searching upon the door, Rocky noticed that the goblin prisoner had freed himself and was in the process of gleefully inserting every poker he could find into every orifice of the hobgoblins corpse.

Hearing nothing near the doors they carefully entered finding a short, dark corridor leading to a larger chamber. As Shabba scouted forward he heard a small group of goblins ahead. Taking the lead Nadar unleashed his pyromania once again, which had the added effect of lighting the area better and burnig away the ragged curtain blocking the view further up the corridor, as Rocky charged into the room hurdling the rickety table to strike at a goblin.

More goblins lay beyond the curtains, though many lay very still and crispy after another of Nadar’s flaming blasts, and Korrin, Bron and Shabba soon set about despatching the little beasts. As they check one of the chambers further up the corridor they found a trio of goblin warriors and while preparing to engage them Bron was shot from behind with a wickedly barbed crossbow bolt. Turning to see his attacker he saw the goblin warchief and his bodyguards in another doorway.

Leaving the rest of the heroes to deal with the warriors Rocky barrelled past the injured cleric and set about the chief and his men.  Despite the warchief being able to land a few telling blows the heroes prevailed once more and searched the chiefs chamber. In the curtained area they found a large chest  whose key had been in the chief’s belt pouch, inside the chest was 560gp and a wand made of a humanoid leg bone (+1 magic wand). As they took a moment to tend to their wounds Shabba noticed that the wall beside the chest seemed odd, and as he pressed upon hit he almost fell forward as it gave way before him revealing a staircase leading downwards. Examining their crude map Bron theorised that these stairs should somehow lead to the same area that the door Shabba had previously secured when they first entered the catacombs. Gathering their gear the party descended.

The stairs led down to a dead end but Shabba sensed that the wall ahead appeared to be false, before he could look for a release mechanism Rocky made his own door using his trusty maul. The corridor beyond led to a large roughly hewn chamber where it looked like the goblins had been trying to extend their area. Several platforms were linked by narrow wooden planks and a rickety wooden ramp led to the chamber floor. Another rough staircase led off to the south into darkness but the growls of a trio of guard drakes got the heroes attention.

Bron bravely (foolishly?) charged the nearest of the drakes hoping to drive it off the edge of the closest platform but the beast stoically withstood the clerics assault. It was then that he realised there was also a trio of goblin archers on the platforms further in the chamber. A second drake charged across a plank trying to get to the cleric but slipped off the narrow plank, falling to the chamber floor momentarily stunned. The one he had attacked however took a big bite out of him.

Rocky charged into the chamber forgoing the planks in favour of leaping the gaps to get to the archers with his viscious weapon while the rest of the party surged forward to assist the cleric. Well, except for Shabba, who chose to slide in and out of the darkened corridor while taking sniper shots at various targets as they presented themselves. The goblin archers kicked the planks free (though this didnt stop the leaping goliath death machine) but this only slowed the inevitable as the heroes put their enemies to rest in short order.

Photo’s from the session

And that was where left it. This was a fun session and it was great to see my players again, especially as we had had a 3 month gap since last session due to various real-life issues preventing us getting together (though a wedding, honeymoon, and chldbirth are valid issues – congrats to David for the first 2 and Matt for the 3rd).

It was a shaky start as it took a few goes to get my brain back into 4e mode, having been playing the D&DNext playtest rules regularly recently for the D&D Encounters, and there was some hilarity as Matt’s first 2 combat rolls both came up as natural 1’s, but once again we had gotten through 3 full encounters without the party needing to take another extended rest.

Hopefully it wont be as large a gap to the next session.



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