D&D Enc Murder in Baldur’s Gate – Session 11

Murder-Baldurs-coverAt Tabletop Tyrants this week had our two tables as usual though Liam’s was low on numbers as a couple of players were laid low with the “bug” going around. My table consisted of:-

  • Hannah – Half-orc Fighter
  • Adam – Half-orc Barbarian
  • Shane – Half-orc Barbarian
  • Richard – Halfling Rogue
  • Vipin – Gnome Paladin

The heroes were rudely awoken by several large explosions from the direction of the Lower City and lots of shouts and screams. Finally rousing to check it out they ask a passerby what was happening and find that the working class of the Lower City were rioting and both the Fist and Watch had been called out to stop them. The heroes decide that it’s not any of their business and return to their bedrolls. When they do eventually get up they are told that the weapons they delivered had been put to use in the riot though being armed didn’t help most against the trained soldiery of the Fist and many were severely injured or worse.

Rael returned to the emporium and paid them for retrieving the weapons crates for the Guild and offered them another task. Following the riot Ravengard had declared martial law in the city which had resulted in several of her associates being incarcerated (along with many other citizens that took part in the riot) in the Seatower. She needed the heroes to infiltrate the tower and release the prisoners so that her people could escape in the confusion. She had a number of contacts within the Fist at the tower that could help get the heroes inside but they would have to work out their plan as they go. She also had a Gnome that was looking for an adventuring band that her friend a halfing cleric had been travelling with and introduced them. The Gnome had apparently been the mentor of the Halfling Cleric (previously played by Vipin, that died in the crypt a couple of sessions ago).

seatowerThe party headed through the Lower City, witnessing the aftermath of the riot as they passed shops with broken windows, blood stained streets and an increase in the number of troops in the Fist patrols. The upside of this was that there were fewer troops at the Seatower. Reaching the guard post at the city end of the walkway they recognise Nordir Samulkin (one of Rael’s contacts) and announce they wish to see Ravengard. Samulkin escorts them across the walkway, telling them as he does that another contact is guarding the door to the detention cells downstairs but they ned to make their own way there. They pass through the kitchens and pantries and make their way to the detention level to find the other contact (Othial Burlfist) at the door. As they reveal their intentions their new Gnomish companion begins shouting for the guards. The heroes are quick to knock the Gnome unconscious but can hear the pair of Fist’s patrolling the cells approaching. Thinking quickly they tell them they have brought a prisoner for the cells (the Gnome) and are escorted to an empty cell. They hand the Gnome over for the Fist’s to put in the cells manacles and shut them in while Richard uses his thieves tools to lock them in with the unconscious Gnome. The Halfling then used his skills to unlock the other cells, releasing the prisoners.

So as not to look too suspicious the party then headed upstairs to Ravengard’s meeting room so that they were with him when the alarm was raised as the prisoners broke out of the gates and across the walkway, back into the City. Ravengard was livid, the stress of the riot and now this, clearly showing. The heroes told him they could see he was busy and that they’d call back when he had more time.

Richard had decided to use his false nobles identity to run for the vacant Duke’s seat and so they decided to drum up support amongst those they had helped out so far in the city, beginning with Dlusker, the timber merchant. He was happy to see them and readily offered his support, suggesting they go before the Parliament of Peers that afternoon as they were hearing candidates for the vacant seat. The heroes thanked him for the suggestion and set off towards the Upper City.

A few streets short of the gate to the Upper City they heard an explosion up ahead, rushing to investigate they found the remains of a Candulhallow’s cart strewn across the street, its drivers laying dead beside it and several bystanders severely injured by the apparently exploded coffin. The sound of a Fist patrol could be heard approaching so the heroes made a show of helping the injured. Once the patrol arrived they continued towards the Upper City.

Arriving at the gate they recognised another of the Guilds contacts, a vocal halfing by the name of Lotgeir Shortcloak, whom they managed to speak to and asked him to convey their actions and intentions to Guild. He said he would but his tired little stubby legs would take him a long while unless the heroes could give him a few silver for a cart-ride. Adam quickly gave him 5 silvers and the little fellow scampered off with surprising speed.

Once inside the Upper City they went to see Caldwell and ask for his support in getting Richard named Duke. The nervous old patriar wondered why anyone would want such a dangerous job but the heroes assured him that with his trio of burly half-orcs Richard would be well protected. Happy with their reasoning Caldwell agreed to voice his support for Richard’s Dukedom. Thanking him, they set off with one final stop off in mind, Coran’s.

Arriving at the Elf’s mansion they found several of the servants busily clearing away the charred remains of a Dragonborn and when they tried to enter they were denied access. Apparently the altercation that had resulted in the Dragonborn’s demise had irked the Elf and so he rescinded their open invitation to his residence. They left a note apologising and explaining that the monk had been acting strangely secretive.

With the time of the Peer’s meeting approaching the heroes set off to the High Hall, amidst quite a crowd of citizens. A couple of the heroes noticed a suspicious looking individual in a fez skulking down a side street. Following, Richard used his stealth to observe them man (whom they recognised as Imbralyn Skoond, a supporter of Duke SIlvershield) finishing using a scroll to summon a fiery imp. As the imp scampered up onto the nearby rooftops Richard struck at the wizard as he shouted for his comrades.   Skoond responded with a Colour Spray which sent the halfling running the other way as his burly allies charged the mage and easily battered him senseless, taking him prisoner as Richard recovered enough to return. He’d just begun going through Skoond’s pockets and pouches when the whole place shook with the noise of an immense explosion followed by lots of screams. Dragging the unconscious mage with them they rushed to find that the High Hall had been blown up, apparently from underneath. Its remaining structure ablaze.

The heroes quickly began organizing bystanders and any members of the Watch nearby to recover any injured and form a water chain to deal with the fires. As this got under way Duke Silvershield and his acolytes from the Hall of Wonder arrived, as did Ravendgard and a contingent of Fist soldiers and the freed Gnome Paladin (who had bartered his freedom by naming the three Guild contacts within the Fist – but not his “allies”). They were aghast at what had happened and when the heroes produced Skoond and told of his imp summoning Ravengard took him into custody, announcing that he was obviously guilty and would face a public execution (following intense interrogation) prior to the Feast of the Dead.

I’m not sure of the details but I know that Liam’s table suffered a TPK this week. At the end of the session we agreed that we were ready to run the finale next week and told the players to level their pc’s up in preparation, with 36 hours of game time passing to bring us to the Feast of the Dead celebration next week. This is because we have a board games evening planned for the final session date. Talking to the players it looks like all of them are planning on carrying on with the next season and are hoping to attend the Launch Weekend game on the 16th, it looks like we could have about 16-18 people down for it.

Next week I’ll try to have my round-up of the overall adventure/season as well as the session write-up, as for the finale itself I think we’re possibly going with both groups around the map the of Wide for the Grand Feast while Liam and myself DM together.


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  1. bendermanuk Says:

    Nice write up as always!

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