Warhammer 40K Club – Black Legion v Tau

So the final round of our inaugural club tournament has arrived and I’m facing the Tau of my fellow blogger Jon. With the release of the new Space Marine Codex and Black Legion Supplements the powers that be decided that list could be rewritten if players wished and so, in keeping with the changes for Black Legion I did so, and Jon took the advantage to tweak his list to try out a few ideas he had too.

This final round would also be held at our new home too, Tabletop Tyrants, our familiar FLGS had graciously offered their newly created for hire gaming rooms at a good deal. Not only was the room rental competitive with the previous venue but it had the advantage that we can store our scenery collection there between sessions and have access to purchase more goodies from the store at the same time (though don’t tell our other halves that bit).

Ever eager, I was first to arrive, shortly before Gary and Jon and we brought the boxes of club scenery up to its new abode. Jon and I claimed a table near the window which totally coincidentally was nearest the heater too, and helped out with distributing the scenery amongst the tables.

Once we were happy with the amount of scenery on our table we began unpacking our armies. Jon’s force looked truly impressive in their camo paint job and the riptide looked massive compared to “normal” sized mini’s. This was when I realised that not only was I missing a base for one of the raptor/talons but I had also forgot to swap one of the rhino’s for the predator tank I had chosen – aargh! Thankfully our move to the store proved fortuitous and I was able to get a pack of bases (I knew I needed some more for some cultists awaiting assembly at home too) and Jon was gracious enough to let me play the rhino as the predator.

I managed to win the roll off for first deployment off we went. Jon failed to seize the initiative and battle commenced.

CAM00552Piney, my defiler, scuttled out of cover and took a bead on the hammerhead, opening up with its battlecannon. Now through all my previous games the scatter dice has uncannily never let me down (leaving that to the rest of the dice) but they must have finally got to him as they shot flew wide and missed everything. Even the snapshots with the reaper and havoc failed to make an impression.

Sadly the defiler would not get another chance to redeem itself as on Jon’s first turn the hammerhead shot the demonic-crap out of it. I swear you could hear the crew high-fiving from across the battlefield. The only bright light in this round was the riptide attempting to Nova charge and wounding itself in the process.


CAM00553On round 2 my Lord led his bike unit further round the edge of the battlefield hoping to get closer to the riptide and tear chunks out of him with the Hand of Darkness (or as Jon dubbed it, the Donkey Punch of Doom) but the Tau had other ideas. Targeting the roaring bikes with multiple units, despite jinking like mad and Lord Morrow’s Sigil of Corruption my dice rolling eventually let me down (as usual) and the bikers of the SAMCRO detachment were taken out.

On the other end of the battlefield my Havok Aspirant, Rhatt, lined up the quad gun and joined his fellow havoks in salvoing the hammerhead – now in conjunction with a pair of missile launchers and a lascannon you’d expect some carnage, but no. Net result was the loss of a single glancing hull point.

One of my Chosen squads had advanced into a ruined building and fired upon a nearby Tetra, the bolters failing to score any meaningful hits but the plasma gunners weapon malfunctioned and as he checked to see if the barrel was blocked it took his face off (Got hot, failed armour save).

CAM00554Round 3 began to look up as my sorcerer and the warp talons arrived from reserve and the scatter dice redeemed itself by landing them bang on target – right behind the Ethereal. Their blazing arrival blinded the nearby fire warriors and ethereal but the broadsides had taken an upgrade to cope with the possible night fighting which also negated blinding. The talons have no ranged attacks but the sorcerer belched forth a Breath of Chaos and managed to wound the Ethereal. Unfortunately with the threat of the bikers removed, 2 squads of fire warriors (one blinded) and the broadsides blasted the talons back into the warp before they could slake their thirst for blood.

CAM00555Turn 4 and all I had remaining was a basic marine squad and a chosen squad. The marines moved out of the cover they had been in all game, Jon hadn’t realised they were still there, and attempted to volley into the stealth suit unit but as was to be expected by now, proved ineffectual. The Chosen squad used their remaining combi-plasma’s and plasma gun on the riptide, and true to form immolated one of their own in the process, but managed to wound the behemoth and leave it on a single wound remaining.

The Tau response was brutally precise and despite cover the Black Legion were slain to a man. The one point of redemption being my convincing Jon to risk another Nova charge on the riptide which failed and claimed his remaining wound making him the only casualty on the Tau side!

Final result when converted to the tournament rules was a 36-0 win for Jon which propelled him into third place overall with 123, I was last but one on 9 points with only Liam’s Blood Angels below me (the only player with less in-game experience than myself). Overall winner was Andrew on 180 with his Grey Knights having won every game with maximum available points. We also took a ballot vote for who we thought was most deserving of the sportsmanship award and this was won by Austin with 4 votes and his Dark Eldar army.

Despite losing all of my games (both in and out of the tournament) I’m enjoying getting back into the game and to grips with the 6th edition rules. Hopefully my luck with the dice shall change somewhere in the future , but even if it doesn’t I’ll have fun regardless with my themed army selection and gradual painting of my army.


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