Ghosts of Dragonspear – revisited

Gencon exclusive adventure

Gencon exclusive adventure

A short while back I posted about the Gen Con exclusive D&DNext adventure “Ghosts of Dragonspear“, well those lovely people over at Wizards of the Coast have got together with the also lovely people at Dungeons & Dragons Classics to bring us all an early Christmas present (OK it’s not exactly a present as we have to pay for it but they “present” the opportunity) with the release of the full adventure in PDF format.

I confess, I couldn’t resist, especially as they had lowered the normal price from $29.95 down to $17.99 – how long for is unknown so grab it quickly.

The 290 page booklet has background information on Daggerford and its inhabitants and environs, but also a series of 4 linked adventures which can take pc’s from 1st to 9th level (if they survive). It also includes a set of the D&DNext playtest rules including a bestiary and pregenerated pc’s, though as this is the same as the original Gen Con product you would be well advised to download the latest version of these from the website (though you’ve most likely already done so – haven’t you?)

cover_scourgescWizards have also just released a sneak peek at the upcoming (in February 2014) Encounters season (the third in the Sundering series) “Scourge of the Sword Coast” which alludes to have connections to “Ghosts of Dragonspear” though if they follow the same route the the first and second Sundering adventures have gone down it shall be supplied with its own Campaign guide anyway.

Speaking of the other Sundering adventures, “Murder in Baldur’s Gate” (first one) and “Legacy of the Crystal Shard” (current Encounters season) they have received mixed reactions amongst the fans/players. My own groups (mis)adventures are recalled here within the weekly blog posts (Oh, you haven’t been glued to your screens eagerly awaiting the next exciting installment? WHY NOT!). We’re currently a couple of weeks in to the second adventure and I have to admit it’s set in one of my all-time favourite places – Icewind Dale. I have long been a fan of the Drizzt series of books by R A Salvatore and remember with fondness the hours spent on my old pc playing the computer RPG of the same name (My original boxed game is still in my cupboard, much to my wifes chagrin I’m loathe to throw anything of my collection away).

Anyway enough of my ramblings for today, I have a session of my 4e campaign tomorrow that I need to prep for (in which we are running through a slightly modified version of the published H series of adventures beginning with Keep on the Shadowfell – our progress is also blogged on here, but you already knew that didn’t you, didn’t you?).

So as they say in the Realms, “Swords high till we meet again!


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