Swelling the ranks

BLI know I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore 40k until I’d caught up with the painting of my existing models but with the release of the hardback version of the Black Legion Codex Supplement and an upcoming mega-game at the All-Scars club I couldn’t resist – thankfully Mr Taxman has been nice and sent me some money back that I apparently overpaid, woohoo!

So my first purchase was a copy of the book, yes I know it’s not rules heavy but as I prefer the fluff to rules anyway I find it a good addition to my collection. The actual rules it does contain are very flavoursome, I wont go into them as others have done better jobs of that already, but I feel they add to the theme of the army nicely.

As with the previous codex supplements (Tau and Eldar) there is also a section of alternative missions with suggested force choices as well as some to recreate classic battles from the Legion’s glorious past. I haven’t had the chance to play any of those as yet but would really like to try the one against the Blood Angels (Liam, if we ever get a free weekend).

warpsmithMy next purchase was purely down to the fact that the model looks so cool.

As most of you know I theme my Legion based upon the Sons of Anarchy tv show, so a Warpsmith is a good choice tactically with his machine abilities but also as one of the shows characters is called Otto and the model looks like Doctor Octopus on steroids it was a no brainer as to what he would be called.

The model has been cleaned off the sprues and will hopefully be assembled shortly and I can definitely see him joining the front line in the coming battles.

abaddonMy third (and final, for now) purchase was a new model of Abaddon the Despoiler. Now I already had an older metal miniature of this but over the years its taken a bit of a beating and in need of some severe repair.

Again this is a finecast mini and as with the Warpsmith and codex  above had to be direct ordered through our FLGS (Tabletop Tyrants) though I’m more than happy to put money through their tills rather than GW directly.

I can’t see me taking Abaddon too often in games as I just don’t see him taking to the field for minor battles, however, there has been talk of making the final climatic battle of the All-Scars “Crusaders of Light & Darkness” mini-campaign an Apocalypse-type game he might put in an appearance.

My only other planned  addition is to convert a Space Marine Attack Bike into an easy-rider tricycle machine for my Chaos Lord to ride into battle at the head of his favoured unit of Bikers. It will only count as his normal bike upgrade but I’m hoping it will look impressive. Once I begin that project I’ll try to keep up to date progress reports here.

Hopefully if time allows this weekend I’ll get a little more painting in and I’m hoping to actually get the opportunity to assemble my whole Legion for a group shot and then I can also re-do my list of content for them. Unfortunately/fortunately, I may have a D&D game on Saturday and a cinema trip to see the Desolation of Smaug on Sunday for my birthday, so it might not go as planned.

One Response to “Swelling the ranks”

  1. gdlwalkerblogspot Says:

    I am glad you took my advice buying a Warpsmith.

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