D&DEnc 16 – Legacy of the Crystal Shard – Session 4

ShardThis week saw a very full table down at Tabletop Tyrants for our last session of the year (we’ll be back on the 8th January 2014) as we were joined by a couple of old faces – Jodie, back from Uni for Xmas, and Robert, who actually had some time off from work. So this week’s team was:-

  • Tanis – Elf Mage
  • Richard – Half-orc Druid
  • Hannah – Half-orc Fighter
  • Sunyi – Tiefling Bard
  • Adam – Tiefling Mage
  • Robert – Human Cleric
  • Vipin – Gnome Paladin
  • Jodie – Tiefling Fighter
  • Shane – Half-orc Barbarian

We continue to use the D&DNext playtest rules and also made use of a battle grid for this session too as I expected the planned battle to get very complicated.

CAM00573As the paladin reached the junction Vipin noticed movement further up the original tunnel. Upon investigation he recognised a pair of figures going through dropped miners packs, a couple of former companions thought left behind in Baldur’s Gate. To bring them up to speed on the situation the paladin led them back the other heroes.

Once prepared to continue the whole group continues down the lower tunnel following Vipin’s detection of more undead. They encounter a pair of large spiders as well as more dwarven zombies which appear from behind a large wall of black ice.

The mysterious figure directing the zombies also appears and Adam identifies it as Akar Kessel, albeit in an undead form of some sort. Kessel unleashes another of his lightning bolts despite it taking one of his zombies down in the process, and Tanis and Richard “tactically withdraw” beyond the tunnel entrance.

CAM00574Calling upon the power of Lathander Robert is able to turn the majority of the first wave of zombies as Kessel is forced to retreat behind the black ice wall by the attacks of Adam and Jodie.

The remaining heroes having despatched one spider begin to move forward while Shane continues to rage assault the other spider.

Vipin and Robert take up position in preparation of the second wave of zombies which are coming around the ice wall.

CAM00575The zombies once again fled before the power of Roberts faith and the heroes spread out to make further lightning bolts less brutal.

As they gained a view behind the ice wall they were surprised to find no sign of Kessel, realising that the former wizard may well have turned himself invisible they positioned some of their members to block the entrances they had come in by while the rest of them followed the last of the fleeing zombies toward the back of the chamber and its tunnel exit.

Kessel reappeared in the mouth of the tunnel and raised what looked to be a wand or scepter toward the tunnel roof, a beam of power struck the stonework and caused it to cave in, blocking the tunnel as his hollow voice echoed “My plans may be delayed but you have not stopped Akar Kessel. I brought this Dale to its knees once before, and will do so again!”

The heroes were easily able to mop up the remaining dwarven zombies without the controlling influence of Kessel to organise them, before returning to Battlehammer Hold and informing Stokely of their discovery. Saddened by the loss of dwarven life, the dwarf leader paid them the agreed 200 gold.

This battle turned out a lot less brutal once the cleric began turning the zombies, personally I think there should be limit on how many undead can be affected (scaling up as the clerics level increases) as it seemed a little overpowered, though as we were running with 9 players a 6 round combat still took almost 2 full hours.

Over the Christmas break the players are going to level up to 5th level and we shall resume with the Interlude and Act 2 in the New Year.


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