Assembling the troops – the Legion revealed.

BLOver the Christmas break I finally had the opportunity to go through my collection of Chaos Space Marines and create a basic check list of what I actually had available for when I make selections for army lists. It also gave me the chance to note where I had stored the models and the relevent painting status.

Having done so I posted to our gaming groups Facebook page and one of the other members asked for photos to show the collection, at the time I didn’t have the time or space to do so but a few days later with everyone else out I had the chance  and did so.

The timing proved fortuitous as our group organiser had just had the idea of showcasing members armies on our website.

CAM00603-1This picture shows the majority of the Legion – it’s only when I see them all out like this that I realise just how much painting I have to get through!

Currently the ranks stand at 323 models. 171 are unpainted, 60 need stripping, 53 are base coated, and a whole 35 are painted to my satisfaction.

CAM00609Part of the unpainted masses include these, still on sprue models.

Pretty much a set and a half of the chaos models from the Dark Vengeance boxed set.

This includes my third hellbrute which I intend to try modifying to have a power scourge rather than the power fist using a spare scourge from the defiler box.

CAM00604-1Speaking of defilers I have a trio of them also, thanks to an excellent trade with a fellow club member.

I really like the defiler model and find that when you place one of these on the battlefield your opponent tends to go all out to destroy it. Understandable as they can cause major destruction. The down side to this is that due to the size of the model itself it often has difficulty  finding cover from enemy fire.

CAM00605-1If your familiar with my earlier post about my army you’ll know I have an unhealthy obsession with chaos bikers. I just really like the idea that the Hell’s Angels of our time evolved into the frothing maniacs of the 41st millennium.

My scratch built Land Raider Spartan sits beside them, built off a WWI tadpole tank the beast comes in at a smidge under 13 inches long, and with the updated rules for it in Imperial Armour it can take a massive chunk out of your points allowance but the idea of it delivering up to 25 of your assault prepped troops right into the enemy’s front lines is a tempting one (or 12 terminators for added evil sauce).

CAM00608This little lot didn’t appear in the “group shot” but these are the majority of those requiring stripping in preparation of being repainted, and many need minor repairs with arms/guns missing.

It was only after I had reboxed everything and putting them back on the shelves that I realised that I left my Warpsmith on the shelf and not included him in the photos, oh well one more grey plastic model wont be missed!

Legion assembled is a pdf listing the legion as it currently stands, with their basic points cost (not including changes in weapon load outs/wargear etc) which puts the total at 8,447 pts though I’m sure that once I go through and actually set them into units recalculate everything (probably using the wonderful Battlescribe software) it will be significantly higher.

As we are now into 2014 I have resolved to get more of my models painted up and hope to achieve my first victory under the 6th edition rule set, though I believe you learn more in defeat as this makes you look at “where it went wrong” (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway).

With only two weeks until my next tabletop battle, I have already made an army list (though as usual I’ll probably make several between now and then before finally deciding on the first one) and once again have gone for something I havent tried before but hope that it comes together. I shall be facing the Tau forces of another of our newer club members and the lesson’s learned in my previous encounter with Tau (versus Jon in the fifth round of the tournament) will hopefully serve me well.

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