And they shall flock to your banner


Every army in the warhammer 40,000 universe has its own unifying symbology, and as I’ve mentioned several times before I model my Black Legion chaos space marines on the tv show “Sons of Anarchy” so I have held off putting any more eye of Horus transfers on the newer models (and will be painting over the existing ones too) with a more suitable icon.


Now, this will be ok for shoulder pads on the troops but I wanted something a little more impressive for large models like vehicles, especially my Spartan. Unfortunately my artistic ability doesnt stretch anywhere near that far but luckily my daughter Sophie’s does. A quick search of google images brought up a plethora of choices but I really liked the look of this one.


Now I already have some conveniently placed circular discs on my Spartan, so I asked Sophie to adapt the above pair of images for me, getting rid of the wings and outer background as well as the little “MC” lettering and then colouring the “A” symbol a nice bloody red.

SAMCRO-legionThis is what she came up with for me. I’m very happy with it and intend to print it off onto stickers of appropriate size for the afore mentioned discs and possibly other size versions to go on my other vehicles to bring the unified theme together.

I shall post a picture of the finished Spartan once its ready.

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