Crusaders of Light and Dark – Rnd 2

BLThis weekend saw the 2nd round of the Leicester All Scars “Crusaders of Light and Darkness” campaign down at our FLGS Tabletop Tyrants.  The club continues to expand and this round saw 18 players meeting up over 9 battlefields vying for supremacy over the planet of Vordrast. I would be facing a new opponent, Ross, with his Tau army. My only other game against Tau went very badly but I learnt some lessons and hoped to be able to put them to use.

My army choice was as follows:-

HQ (398pts)
Lord Clay Morrow – Chaos Lord (235pts) Champion of Chaos, Fearless, Independent Character
Bike (20pts), Mark of Nurgle (15pts), Sigil of corruption (25pts), Skull of Kerngar (40pts), The Hand of Darkness (50pts), Veterans of the Long War (5pts) Power Armour (15pts) Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon (15pts)
Otto – Warpsmith (163pts) Champion of Chaos, Independent Character, Master of Mechanisms, Shatter Defences
Aura of dark glory (15pts), Combi-bolter (3pts), Power Axe, The Spineshiver Blade (30pts), Veterans of the Long War (5pts)
Elites (433pts)
Filthy Phill – Helbrute (135pts) Crazed
Power scourge (10pts), Twin-linked lascannon (25pts)
Men of Mayhem – Possessed (298pts)
Daemon, Fearless, Fleet, Vessels of Chaos Icon of excess (35pts)
9x Possessed (261pts) 9x Mark of Slaanesh (27pts)
Opie – Possessed Champion (2pts) Champion of Chaos Veterans of the Long War (2pts)
Troops (643pts)
The Prospects – Chaos Cultists (77pts) Champion of Chaos Flamer (5pts), 15x Squad models (champion included) (60pts) Wa-Lin – Champion’s upgrade (12pts) Cultist Champion’s Shotgun (2pts)
Chaos Space Marines (218pts)
9x Chaos Space Marine (117pts), Heavy Bolter (10pts), Meltagun (10pts), Veteran of the long war (10pts)
Chibbs – Aspiring Champion (26pts) Champion of Chaos Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-bolter (3pts)
Chaos Rhino (45pts) Repair Combi-bolter, Dirge caster (5pts), Searchlight, Smoke launchers, Warpflame gargoyles (5pts)
Chaos Space Marines (218pts)
9x Chaos Space Marine (117pts), Heavy Bolter (10pts), Meltagun (10pts), Veteran of the long war (10pts)
Juice – Aspiring Champion (26pts) Champion of Chaos Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-bolter (3pts)
Chaos Rhino (45pts) Repair Combi-bolter, Dirge caster (5pts), Searchlight, Smoke launchers, Warpflame gargoyles (5pts)
Chaos Space Marines (130pts)
7x Chaos Space Marine (91pts), Flamer (5pts), Veteran of the long war (8pts)
Tiggs – Aspiring Champion (26pts) Champion of Chaos Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-bolter (3pts)
Fast Attack (283pts)
Chaos Bikers (283pts)
8x Chaos Biker (160pts), Flamer (5pts), Mark of Nurgle (54pts), Meltagun (10pts), Veteran of the Long War (9pts)
Jax – Chaos Biker Champion (45pts) Champion of Chaos CCW, Combi-flamer, -melta, -plasma (10pts), Melta Bombs (5pts)
Heavy Support (242pts)
Piney – Defiler (242pts) Daemon, Daemonforge, Fleet, It Will Not Die Daemonic possession, Dirge Caster (5pts), Havoc launcher (12pts), Power Scourge (25pts), Reaper Autocannon, Warpflame gargoyles (5pts)

After shuffling scenery a little we rolled and got end-to-end deployment and placed 2 objective markers each. I got to deploy first and spread my units across the board.






I had my Rhino’s on the left flank, followed by the Lord and his bikers. The Hellbrute and Defiler led the Warpsmith and Squad Tiggs up the centre, the eager to please cultists prepared to mount the steps to a chaos shrine that housed the nearest objective, while the possessed marines took the right flank.

Rolling for warlord traits in our respective codex’s we both got pretty useless stuff – Black Crusader for myself (gives me Preferred Enemy v Space Marines – really useful) and Ross got one that gave Interceptor and Skyfire (and since I don’t use Flyers, pointless). Ross failed to seize the initiative and the Nightfight roll showed daylight.

CAM00621The early turns went reasonably well for me with my rhino’s moving forward, followed by the bikes. The defiler drew a lot of enemy fire and didn’t make it to round 3, not even the warpsmith was able to help it once it exploded. Before they had their combi-bolter shot off, squad Chibb’s rhino managed to target a unit of pesky fire warriors and doused them with warpflame which thankfully worked its way through the unit. The vespids dropped from the sky and fired into the rear of squad Tiggs, but when squad Juice climbed from the wreck of their rhino they took their anger out on the winged aliens. The Tau turn 2 shooting phase was memorable, as it was one of the worst shows of marksmanship  ever (it made stormtroopers look accurate) but this would prove to be a temporary blip.

Unfortunately closing with the enemy brought further risks as the ethereal was able to give his nearby units the ability to fire an extra shot at close range using pulse weapons – of which they had plenty!

CAM00626Tau marksmanship improved, taking out my other rhino, most of the possessed, the warpsmith and squad Tiggs. The remnants of squad Chibbs assaulted into the riptide, krak grenades trying to break through the weapon suit of the enemy, but the counter-attacks of the power suited tau proved to much for the armour of the chaos marines.

Lord Morrow approached the aegis defense line the Tau commander and his unitCAM00630 hid behind and the warriors mind became overrun with thoughts of rending his opposition apart. As the last of his accompanying bikers fell to enemy fire, the chaos lord gunned his engine and hurled his machine over the barricades amidst a hail of pulse weapon discharges (I think we counted over 90 overwatch shots at him, of which only 2 scored wounds). With his power armour amplifying his voice he challenged the Tau commander to single combat but the only answer was the surge of the tau warriors surrounding him, “fine” he thought, “I can do with a warm up”, as he proceeded to rip them apart.

CAM00631Eventually as darkness fell Lord Morrow was able to face his nemesis directly, eventually landing a solid strike with the Hand of Darkness ripping the life from the Tau commander. His victory was short-lived though as another unit of tau warriors charged into him and his power armour finally failed under the onslaught.

With only squad Juice and the cultists left the tau forces began to roll forward, claiming 3 of the objectives and destroying enough of the cultists to drive them off the 4th. The final result being a 12-1 victory to the Tau.


I congratulated Ross on his victory and thanked him for a great game, it was pretty close up until around turn 4 but to be honest I think I over extended myself. The walkers/warpsmith combo started off well and the hellbrute even managed to rip a trio of crisis suits to scrap before being blown to shit.

The campaign result was 5.5 to 3.5 for the loyalists – things are not looking good for the forces of Darkness in the Vordrast system at present.

Round 3 will see me facing the loyalist marines of Joe’s Guardian’s of the Covenant in a 2000 pt Scouring mission.

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