Legion update – more models to paint

BLSo aside from round 2 of the Crusaders campaign I have been rather lax on the 4ok front this month.

However, things are in motion as I have made some trades with fellow members of the All Scars and acquired some very interesting additions to my forces.

We also have an in club “kit bash” competition coming up whose remit is build a need for speed/mad max style type vehicle using parts from at least 3 different GW models.

Now, I was going to use this as impetus to finally get my Chaos Lord’s fat-man trike finally built but following one of the afore-mentioned trades I gained this little beauty.

carcassOld style Land Raider – needs new weapons, a top hatch, and left side hatch. Seeing as all my rhino’s and predator’s use the older style models this will fit right in.

I have salvaged 2 sets of cannons from some old Star Wars vehicles (I think they were called ML-13, the single figure Hoth rebel tanks) which I intend to adapt to make the twin linked Lascannons, and I have a piece for the top hatch from a newer chaos vehicle sprue featuring a chaos marine manning a pintle combi-bolter.

Another pair of fellow All Scars have a side hatch and some “gothic” parts from a talon for me so this should work nicely.

I am also considering keeping the replacement door open and having a marine “hanging out” of it, though whether that is within my abilities remains to be seen.

DrakeYesterday I also succumbed and finally purchased a Helldrake. I know I’ve not been an advocate of the burn turkeys so far but I think the models look cool (just not a huge fan of the use of flyers in general in 40k unfortunately). However I don’t want it to be in the standard pose. I would much prefer if it could be more like this.

I decided to google images of the ‘drakes and came across one of another gamers conversion which totally changed my ideas.

The chap had tweaked the posing to have the wings look more in style with the Chaos Hell Talon / Hell Blade aircraft from FW and what a difference it makes, he had also left off the drakes claws and swapped out the head for that of a maulerfiend.

It has certainly given more food for thought and would possibly make the whole thing easier to transport to games.

Looking ahead gaming wise, I have the 3rd round of Crusade in February, and March sees the All Scars spreading to 2 meets a month, beginning with a Mentor’s Doubles day. Some of our less experienced players team up with us old-dogs and, hopefully, pick up tidbits of knowledge and tactics. I shall be joining with my fellow D&D DM Liam and his newly acquired chaos marine force. Set up is 1500 pt force, split to 1000 pt FOC for the “recruit” and a 500 pt Allied FOC for the “veteran”.

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