D&DEnc 16 – Legacy of the Crystal Shard – Session 11

ShardThis week at Tabletop Tyrants we had a very full table of 9 players, and even before arriving at the store the character to character banter had begun via our Facebook page. As usual we were running using the D&DNext playtest rules and the party consisted of :-

  • Sunyi – Tiefling Bard
  • Tanis – Elf Mage
  • Adam – Tiefling Mage
  • Hannah – Half orc Fighter
  • Richard – Half orc Druid
  • Vipin – Gnome Paladin
  • Tilly – Elf Rogue
  • Robert – Human Druid
  • Shane – Human Mage

Knowing the amount of players we were expecting and as we have been running as levels 4-6 this season (the party are now 6th level) I adjusted the encounter accordingly.

The party ascended the stairs into a darkened chamber, the only light coming from Tanis’ staff revealing six thirty foot tall statues of Auril spaced around the room and all facing towards a low central dais shaped like a diamond and inlaid with the symbol of Auril. Looking up towards the eighty foot ceiling they could see a correspondingly shaped hole directly above the dais.

As they watched the air between the dais and the hole began to swirl and a pale figure descended midway towards the floor and then hovered there, the Ice Witch. She regarded the party with a cold stare a demanded to know what they were doing there. Vipin stepped forward and announced that he had beaten her champion below, at which she simply smiled and suggested they prove themselves (though she looked intently at Tanis and Sunyi, both sporting robes they had taken from the cultists). Without another word the winds lifted back up and out of the chamber and the heroes saw two swirls of air thicken and peel off from the central zephyr and forming into a pair of air elementals. They also noticed that while the Ice Witch had spoken to them, a layer of ice had formed over the stairway openings, blocking a return to  the lower level.

A couple of the heroes also noticed the dark form of Akar Kessel lurking behind one of the statues on the opposite side of the room, before most of the heroes could spread out the dead wizard launched a fireball into their midst and battle was joined.


The heroes quickly spread out, though it was quickly noticeable that Sunyi and Tanis were making no offensive moves. Shane sent a Flaming Sphere at Kessel but once Tilly got closer to get gain a clear shot (which missed) the wizard strode after her, striking her with his shrivelled claw of a hand and draining some of her life force away with his necromantic powers.

Vipin engaged on of the elementals smashing his mace into the airy body while its counterpart swept down at Hannah.


The elemental moved away from Vipin and began to target Adam, managing to drag the tiefling into its swirling vortex and quickly reducing the mage to unconsciousness. Thankfully the gnome paladin and half orc fighter were able to pull him free and revive him. Tilly continued to trade blows with Kessel, having switched to her Ice mace, while Shane brought his sphere of fire up to continue worrying the wizard. The two druids had taken advantage of the zephyrs presence to power their call lightning spells, but this attracted the attention of the second elemental and soon they found themselves fighting to avoid being pulled into it’s mealstrom.


As Kessel finally fell to their onslaught Tilly and Shane moved to help their colleagues, while Tanis used Spider Climb to ascend the walls and Sunyi calmly walked out onto the dais where the zephyr lifted him into the air.  The elemental had once again sucked Adam in and this time he was overcome, his lifeless body flung around within its whirling embrace while it continued to fight. Richard also suffered at the “hands” of the elemental but his companions were able to revive him.

Eventually the heroes dissipated the elementals and the zephyr slowed and lowered Sunyi to the dais. Tanis searched the remains of Kessel finding a Brooch of Shielding and his magical scepter while the others caught their breath and mourned the loss of the tiefling mage who was beyond their help.

Well the session overran by about a quarter-hour but it was too much fun to simply stop. With two of their number deciding not to battle the elementals there was definitely a chance that more than one of the heroes could have perished, but luckily it was just one.

With just a single session remaining I have offered the players the chance to attempt to take a short rest, but have advised that it doesn’t mean the Ice Witch will let them – or if she does it may mean that she’s preparing a “frosty” reception above for them.


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