Crusaders of Light and Dark – Rnd 3

BLThis weekend saw the third round of our Crusaders of Light and Darkness 40K campaign down at Tabletop Tyrants. The missions this time was The Scouring and I was facing another new opponent, Joe, with his Guardians of the Covenant space marine army, and we had agreed on 2000 points.

I actually made two possible army lists for this game as another of the dark side players had a model for me and I wasnt sure whether to include it or not – though after seeing the model I knew I had to include it. So this was the list I took:

1997 pts Black Legion Roster (Primary Detachment)

HQ (393pts)
Daemon Prince (230pts) Daemon, Fearless, Veterans of the Long War, Close Combat Weapon, Gift of mutation (10pts), Power Armour (20pts), Tzeentch (15pts), Wings (40pts)
Warpsmith (163pts) Champion of Chaos, Independent Character, Master of Mechanisms, Shatter Defences, Aura of dark glory (15pts), Combi-bolter (3pts), Power Axe, The Spineshiver Blade (30pts), Veterans of the Long War (5pts)

Elites (465pts)
Helbrute (110pts) Crazed, Multi-melta, Power scourge (10pts)
Possessed (355pts)
Daemon, Fearless, Fleet, Vessels of Chaos,  Icon of excess (35pts) Chaos Rhino (57pts) Repair, Combi-bolter, Dirge caster (5pts), Havoc Launcher (12pts), Searchlight, Smoke launchers, Warpflame gargoyles (5pts)
9x Possessed (261pts) 9x Mark of Slaanesh (27pts) Possessed Champion (2pts) Champion of Chaos, Veterans of the Long War (2pts)

Troops (594pts)
Chaos Space Marines (248pts)
9x Chaos Space Marine (117pts), Meltagun (10pts), Meltagun (10pts), 9x Take a CCW (18pts), Veteran of the long war (10pts) Aspiring Champion (38pts) Champion of Chaos Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Power Weapon (15pts)
Chaos Rhino (45pts) Repair, Combi-bolter, Dirge caster (5pts), Searchlight, Smoke launchers, Warpflame gargoyles (5pts)
Chaos Space Marines (173pts)
Autocannon (10pts), 9x Chaos Space Marine (117pts), Meltagun (10pts), Veteran of the long war (10pts)
Aspiring Champion (26pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-bolter (3pts)
Chaos Space Marines (173pts)
Autocannon (10pts), 9x Chaos Space Marine (117pts), Meltagun (10pts), Veteran of the long war (10pts)
Aspiring Champion (26pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Combi-bolter (3pts)

Fast Attack (170pts)
Heldrake (170pts) Daemon, Daemonforge, It Will Not Die, Meteroric Descent, Baleflamer

Heavy Support (375pts)
Chaos Predator (160pts) Dirge Caster (5pts), Extra armor (10pts), Lascannons (40pts), Twin-Linked Lascannon (25pts), Warpflame gargoyles (5pts)
Havocs (215pts)
2x Flak Missiles (20pts), 6x Havoc (78pts), 2x Lascannon (40pts), Mark of Tzeentch (14pts), 2x Missile Launcher
(30pts), Veteran of the long war (7pts)
Aspiring Champion (26pts) Bolt Pistol, Combi-bolter (3pts)

(My alternative list swapped the Deamon Prince for a Dark Apostle, and added a second Hellbrute).

We shuffled the scenery around until we were happy with it, rolled for deployment and got the diagonal setup. I won the roll for deployment and chose to go second. Rolling for my Deamon Prince’s gift of mutation I got a 26 giving him +1 BS, woo hoo what a great bonus for someone who can’t take ranged weaponry. Then to add insult to injury I rolled for my Warlord trait for him and got Unholy Fortitude giving him the It Will Not Die special rule – oh wait, HE’S A DEAMON and already has this. At this point I should have realised that my dice had it in for me.

CAM00688 CAM00689I held the Helldrake and DP in reserve, and deployed the 2 rhino’s high on my left. The havoc’s started in a convenient aegis line and everyone else started behind and around it.


Joe’s warlord was an Inquisitor lord who, along with his retinue of terminators had a scout move which followed by a 6 on a their first turn run move managed to get them in to combat with my predator and nearby troop unit very quickly.  The Inquisitor challenged my champion who readily accepted, reducing the imperial lackey to a single wound. Unfortunately the rest of the combat and a thunder hammer strike tore through the predator causing it to explode. The resulting explosion took out any survivors of my troop unit, including the champion, but also took the Inquisitors final wound too giving me Slay the Warlord.

CAM00690One of Joe’s flyers arrived from reserve and in conjunction with fire from the combat squads in a rhino destroyed both of my rhino transports.

Thankfully the 2nd rhino was destroyed close to one of the objectives which happened to be a Skyfire Nexus, allowing my now transportless troop unit to target the flyer with their meltaguns and bringing it crashing down upon the possessed unit ahead of them, but the insane warriors of chaos suffered no casualties from the burning wreck.

CAM00692Having suffered the attentions of the imperial quad gun the Hellbrute and warpsmith circle back behind the Aegis emplacement and the Hellbrute charges the terminators but the mighty thunder hammers tear it up.

The imperial terminators turn their attention to the remaining members of the Havoc squad, the fight is brutally one-sided and the terminators take up residence in the Aegis (and close on another objective).

CAM00693My heldrake descended, its vector strike not being particularly effective but its baleflamer lit up a combat squad of marines, reducing them to a single figure that ran screaming as it continued to burn before succumbing to the demonic flames too.

The demon aircraft didn’t much else as it became vector locked from quad gun fire and then shredded by the assault cannon fire of Joe’s 2nd flyers arrival.

1781982_10202125541354409_1454031589_nThe warpsmith targeted the terminators with his mechatendril’s flamer and meltagun but the weapons failed to wound their targets. Calling upon the deamon inside his Spineshiver Blade he was disappointed when the demonic essence fed upon him instead, yet he had committed himself to the charge and fought on against the elite imperial troops. He failed to hit them before they tore into him with lightning claws and thunder hammers. He needed to make 4 saves of 2+ (grey dice) and 2 saves of 5+ (white dice) with his fleshmetal and aura of dark glory – as you can see by this time the dice gods had truly abandoned me and my opponent could only watch in disbelief.

My Deamon Prince finally arrived from reserve, scoring a kill on a combat unit as he passed over them. Sadly the imperial scouts moved forward uncovering another Skyfire Nexus in the ruins and used it to target the flying warlord. But he survived, the snipers reducing him to a single wound. He passed his grounding test, avoiding an ignominious death. Unfortunately Joe’s remaining flyer was nicely positioned behind him and reduced him to a cloud of red mist that briefly hung in the air before falling like rain to the battlefield below.

By this point I was down to a single troop unit that was rapidly dwindling in numbers. These managed to last a round more before being utterly destroyed and Joe was able to claim all of the objectives uncontested.

Final result 19-2 to the Guardians of the Covenant (I got my second point due to downing the flyer thanks to the Scouring mission).

I had been annihilated but once again thoroughly enjoyed the game. My streak of losses continues but hey, so what. I have fun playing the game and as long as I continue to do so the results are secondary to me.

Overall the forces of Darkness managed to squeak a win (on VP’s) for the round, meaning round 4 will be the Blood of Martyrs mission with Darkness capitalizing on their success to attempt to wipe the forces of Light from the battlefield. I’m due to play another new opponent, Pete, with either his Blood Angels or Tau (gods I hope it’s not Tau).

Before that though, the All Scars have the doubles “Mentoring” event, featuring teams of less-experienced players teaming up with senior members for a day of battle and mayhem. I shall be joining Liam with his newly acquired Chaos marine army.

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