D&DEnc 17 – Scourge of the Sword Coast – Session 2

dnd_products_dndacc_sundering3_pic3_enThis week down at Tabletop Tyrants, just as we were preparing to start Tilly messaged to say she was held up at work and would arrive when able so we had her halfing assume guard at the door of the Jester’s Pride while the remaining heroes explored. Unfortunately, by the time the session ended Tilly had only just finished at work (indeed she was on the bus home after mine).

The party consists of:-

    Sunyi – Mal, dragonborn cleric (Light domain).
    Adam – Gedrick Gladomain, high elf ranger.
    Tanis – Langar ‘Lan’ Shadowweaver, wood elf rogue.
    Tilly – Harrold ‘the halfpint’ Hopson, halfling rogue.

Cautiously the heroes entered the main door of the Jester’s Pride. The common room was dimly illuminated by a fire still burning in one of the corner fireplaces but the place looked wrecked. Not a single piece of furniture remained intact and the scraps were strewn around the room. Satisfied that no enemies lurked within Harrold took up guard at the doorway as his companions explored. They found animal hairs behind the bar and Gedrick identified them as wolf hairs.

Lan opened the door leading north and the heroes could immediately hear sounds of snoring coming from further within the underground complex. The stealthy elf explored ahead, finding a kitchen and food preparation room but both were empty of foes so he proceeded down the stairs and tunnel until reaching the corner, where he decided to await his companions (and a suitable light source).

Mal and Gedrick noticed the east door move slightly and prepared for enemies to leap out at any moment, investigated the room beyond. It appeared to be a private meeting room which was also trashed and surprisingly empty. After a quick search of the remains Gedrick tucked a few of the remaining intact picture tiles into his pack rather than leave them to the goblins. The pair then checked that the west door led to the guest rooms they had seen from outside but chose not to explore them in favour of catching up with Lan.

Mal called forth a magical light and with Lan leading the way the heroes moved down the tunnel, coming to a junction. The sound of snoring came from the darkness to the west but the heroes turned north and discovered an iron door blocking their way. Lan searched for any trap and once happy there was none he set about unlocking the door. This led into another stone passageway with an open window and another iron door at the end. A rope was tied to the roof beam and hung taut out the window. The heroes carefully peered out of the window to find a body hanging from the rope and the moat flowing below. They pulled the body up and into the passageway and after a quick search discerned it had been the village priest as they found his symbol of Chauntea which Mal took so as to return it later to the temple in Daggerford.

Lan again examined the next door finding it untrapped and unlocked. Opening it led into a chamber containing a dozen triple bunks, obviously built for human sized occupants but recently used for goblins and such. Two exits led east and west, Lan chose to head west, coming to another closed, locked iron door, while Mal and Gedrick headed east.

600_337752502The chamber they came into was dominated by a covered well in the centre and another half-dozen of the triple bunks lined the room. A large table was overturned at the far end of the room beside an exit that led further east. Before they could explore further a large one-eyed worg slunk from behind the table with a growl, and a pair of hobgoblins could be seen in the cover of the table too.

The worg leapt onto the covered well as Gedrick strode forward to engage it. One of the hobgoblins, wearing a dirty leather apron and a hat that said “kiss the cook” (with an added “or else” scrawled below) moved to the bunks and began throwing cleavers at the heroes. The remaining hobgoblin stood in the far tunnel entrance and threw a javelin, missing the heroes but managing to stab the rear end of his worg instead (natural 1).

As Gedrick battled the worg, Mal moved forward to help with his spear but quickly switched to searing blasts of his sacred flame as Lan (returned at the sounds of combat ) provided ranged support with his bow, sinking arrows into the enraged worg.

600_337752792As the worg dropped lifelessly onto the well cover, the hobgoblin leader retreated to the doors at the far end of the tunnel and the cook squeezed between the bunks and the well in an effort to attack Gedrick with his remaining cleavers in person.

Concentrating their attacks on the nearest foe the heroes rapidly dealt with the cook and as his corpse hit the floor the hobgoblin leader passed through the door and out of sight. The heroes made a quick search of the room, uncovering the hobgoblin’s stash including some much-needed potions of healing, a potion of climbing and in cooks belongings, a five-piece silver dinner set.

A quick check of the well revealed a drop of twenty feet to the water below, Mal enchanted an arrow with light and dropped it in, showing the water to about another ten feet deep and having a slow current leading towards the village moat.

With no sign of the hobgoblin emerging from the doorway, the heroes chose to examine the iron door Lan had found. Opening it revealed a store-room of non-perishable provisions (not the usual fare for goblins). They noticed that several barrels and crates had been moved and stacked against one of the sets of shelves, and upon investigating found a hidden lock-box on the upper shelf. Carefully bypassing a suspected trap on the lock, Lan was able to open it, revealing thirteen aquamarine gems which the heroes happily pocketed before turning their attentions to the room the hobgoblin had fled too.

600_337753022The room had been a shrine to Chauntea, though now the statue had been defaced with horrid scribblings and scrawled drawings. A stone brazier built into each corner provided a warm red glow and the floor was littered with the remains of stone benches.

The hobgoblin leader stood ready for action with his morning star and scimitar in hand, while at the far end of the room stood a female goblin gibbering in a tongue none of the heroes recognised (despite being able to speak goblin) with a pair of large vipers beside her.

Gedrick charged at the hobgoblin as Lan once again provided covering fire, their combined assault bloodying the brute. Mal moved up to assist his eager ranger ally but failed to score a telling blow.


600_337753272With a hiss the goblin sent magical flames at Lan, he managed to dodge some of them but those that hit caused him severe harm and he withdrew up the corridor slightly. The vipers slithered forward and began to bite at Gedrick while he battled the hobgoblin.

Under the hobgoblins onslaught the ranger fell to the floor but Mal was able to revive him with the use of his clerical magic unfortunately one of the vipers had chased Lan and when he too fell unconscious to the floor he received no such aid.

Beset by the hobgoblin and both vipers now, Mal and Gedrick both soon succumbed to their multiple wounds and the cold darkness of oblivion  claimed them too.

With that we ended the session. The players asked if they needed to roll new characters but I told them they hadn’t been killed but had been captured (Harrold had also been captured by the remaining patrol that the heroes had yet to encounter). So next session will find them captives, but where?

gabullaWe also had a comedic moment as I read the name of Gabulla’s “infernal flame” attack and we imagined the little gobliness singing creepilly “Close your eyes, give me your hand, darlin’…” (shudder).

During the combats we had a viper miss with a natural 1 so had it bite the hobgoblin in its excitement, but even this didn’t help as my dice rolls continued to be good and the players just missed out on hits against their foes.

I had planned on having the players level up after completing the Julkoun adventure this week, and so I have asked them to still do so as although the outcome wasnt what they had hoped for, they had still completed it.

Next session will prove to be very interesting indeed.


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