D&DEnc 17 – Scourge of the Sword Coast – Session 3

dnd_products_dndacc_sundering3_pic3_enThis week at Tabletop Tyrants we were down to a single table as our 2nd DM, Liam, was unavailable. I gave his group the option of joining our table for the evening using their pc’s as other prisoners alongside my regular group.

The party consists of:-

  • Sunyi – Mal, dragonborn cleric (Light domain).
  • Adam – Gedrick Gladomain, high elf ranger.
  • Tanis – Langar ‘Lan’ Shadowweaver, wood elf rogue.
  • Tilly – Harrold ‘the halfpint’ Hopson, halfling rogue.
  • Hannah – unnamed prisoner, bard.
  • Richard – unnamed prisoner, monk.
  • Shane – unnamed prisoner, bard.

The heroes faded in and out of consciousness as burly hobgoblins transported them, finally coming around to find themselves stripped of armour and gear and placed in dark stone cells. Cells was a generous term, being little more than a pit in a cavern floor with a padlocked grate over the top. Luckily Harrold had managed to secrete a set of his lockpicks about his person and between him and Lan were able to open their padlock and the adjoining cell’s to release their companions and a trio of prisoners from Julkoun. Grabbing some of the discarded mining tools as makeshift weapons they awaited the returning patrol of guards (I foolishly said they were “standing in the dark grasping their tools” which elicited several chortles), the pair of grey skinned dwarves were quite surprised to find armed prisoners waiting for them and despite being better armed and armoured were soon laying dead on the floor.

Moving on they entered another natural chamber, as they had several members that couldn’t see in the dark the monk asked Mal to cast Light on his hands (earning him the name Mr Glow-stick) and decided to continue down the worked tunnel in search of their missing equipment.

Entering the room beyond the door they found stores of preserved foods and a large barrel of strong ale which some of the heroes recognised as having the symbol of Firehammer Hold emblazoned on. Some of the party tried the ale while all took advantage of the readily available food. Sated, they moved on into the corridor beyond and come to a door leading south. Exploring they discover a long abandoned workroom and quickly continue into another chamber beyond, finding this one also having been left to ruin but having an old forge taking up most of one wall. Mal used his searing light to reignite the forge while the rest of the party discussed their next move and agreed to return to the natural caverns and try to find the guards barracks (and hopefully their equipment).

Going north from the chamber they discover a pair of grey dwarves tending to a pair of spiders the size of ponies. At the approach of Mr Glow-stick the spiders withdrew into their tunnel and the heroes were able to despatch the dwarves. Gedrick approached the spiders with some food (the deceased dwarves) and left them confident that they posed no threat to the heroes.

Following the tunnel as it turned east they entered a wider chamber where more of the Julkoun prisoners had been made to mine. However, the prisoners all now were prostrated on the chamber floor, and as Mr Glow-stick led the way in he realised that more of the armoured dwarves were skulking in a side corridor.

Charging the dwarves revealed there to be three of them, two in the now familiar garb of the guards and a third in plate armour. As the heroes attacked the dwarves began to shake and swell, growing in size until they were as tall as a human warrior. Thankfully Mr Glow-sticks glowing hands were proving to be off-putting to the dwarves, but hen their weapons did find their mark they hit with supernaturally enhanced strength. While the rest of the heroes engaged the dwarves, Lan, Mal and Harrold dodged past and unlocked the door beyond.

The chamber was indeed the barracks room of the dwarves, though surprisingly uninhabited. The heroes didn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and quickly found their gear along with a set of strikingly familiar gold-green studded dragon leather armour. Confident their allies were handling the dwarves the trio took the time to don their gear and arm themselves with their favoured weapons before helping to finish off the plate armoured dwarf and the remaining heroes retrieved their gear.

At this point time had beaten us and so we left it there. It’s definitely harder to maintain a good flow with a larger group in store as noise and available space can be an issue but hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves. I’m hoping that Liam will be able to rejoin us from next week as there are another possible four players coming to join in, bringing us up to twelve players. We shall have to see.

I had originally planned on having the pc’s begin this session on half Hp and no gear but decided to just have them begin with no gear and instead gave all enemies maximum available Hp each given the larger group. Most of the pc’s spent the session without armour (Hannah and Adam stole some chain from dead dwarves) and using improvised weapons which I said cold be used one-handed (D4 damage) or two-handed (D6 damage) and as spellcasters hadn’t had access to their equipment I restricted them to cantrips only.


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