Chaotica Mechanicus – You’re twisting my metal, man.

BLIts been a while since I managed to get some hobby time for my 40K army (mainly due to being very busy with the new season of our D&D Encounters) but with only one week until the final round of the Leicester All Scars Crusaders of Light and Darkness campaign I thought I’d post an update.

Those of you that read the battle report from the third round will have noticed I used my Helldrake and its non-standard build. As I wrote in an earlier post, I wanted it to resemble the Hell Talon fighter craft more than the normal pose of the model, so here is a quick tour of my alternative pose.

CAM00730CAM00731CAM00732 CAM00733


I built it as suggested up until the wing assembly then fitted the large wing pieces directly into the shoulder sockets, filling with green stuff to resemble the demonic sinews holding the beast together. The next largest wing pieces were then attached between the carapace and underwings to form the trailing vanes. I was tempted to adapt the front legs I hadn’t used to form some sort of hawk-like rear talons but after discussing it with fellow club members decided not to attach any legs at all.

Next week will also see the All Scars Kit Bash competition. The brief is simple:

Theme: Mad Max, Need for Speed Race Machine

Convert and assemble a vehicle. Your vehicle must contain at least 3 Games Workshop parts from different kits.

You may paint your converted model but this will have no influence on who wins this competition. We are judging your modelling skills.

There will be a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

CAM00717So I decided to use the Land Raider chassis I recently acquired as my basis (model 1), with a donated Imperial door hatch (thanks to Lee Oswin – model 2), a dirge caster, chaos icon, pintle-mounted combi-bolter and crewman from a newer chaos vehicle accessory sprue (model 3), 2 heavy bolters from chaos marines (models 4+5) and non-GW weapons from a pair of old Star Wars MLC-3 tank toys (single action figure rebel tank from battle on Hoth).

CAM00719First up was to deface the imperial aquila on the hatch leaving signs of it being scratched off and overlayed with a deliberately off-centre chaos icon before fitting into place on the vehicle side. This was quickly and simply followed by installing the pintle gunner in the empty top hatch and the dirge caster on the front facing.

CAM00723The next bit was a little more awkward. The plastic the cannons were made from was not only old but surprisingly hard to cut through (note to self – invest in some new tools, a single old Stanley knife isn’t good enough anymore), but eventually I was able to separate them and make the them into the twin-linked cannons as shown. The heavy bolters had hands removed and their joining sides shaved down to allow a neater fit. I particularly wanted to leave the ammo belt intact. It was then that I realised there was no original mount for the bolter on the model, so out came the green stuff. This proved a good idea as the existing sponson mounts for the cannons was proving too small to hold my adapted weapons. I decided to use the green stuff to resemble mutated warp-stuff that had formed around the weapons and fused them to the vehicle.

CAM00727 CAM00726 CAM00725 Eventually, as with the rest of my army, it will be painted up in my Black Legion variant livery, but for now it sits in its existing condition.

This will be the third raider in my army and the third to be different. First is a modern build one, second is my converted Spartan using the Tadpole tank kit, and now this which will fit very nicely with my existing Rhino’s and Predators which are the old shape chassis’ too. I kind of wish that GW had kept all the old chassis for Chaos and used the newer versions just for the Imperial troops, much more evocative of an army trapped in the timeless void of the Warp I feel.

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