D&DEnc 17 – Scourge of the Sword Coast – Session 4

dnd_products_dndacc_sundering3_pic3_enThis week at Tabletop Tyrants although we were back to our two tables I had two new players joining us, this would be not only their first time at Encounters but first game of D&D ever, a real baptism of fire.

The party consists of:-

  • Sunyi – Mal, dragonborn cleric (Light domain).
  • Adam – Gedrick Gladomain, high elf ranger.
  • Tanis – Langar ‘Lan’ Shadowweaver, wood elf rogue.
  • Tilly – Harrold ‘the halfpint’ Hopson, halfling rogue.
  • Oliver – Kaemri, dragonborn rogue.
  • Heather – Fudwick, gnome barbarian.

As the other heroes recovered their gear and donned their armour, Lan heard noises of mailed feet approaching the door to east and tried to shove the shelves beside the door across to block any entrance. His first attempt proved fruitless, so trying once more he felt a satisfying give – and then realised the entire unit was falling towards him (rolled a 1 on his Str check). Although his natural elven agility let him jump easily out of harms way the resulting crash of the shelf unit sounded as loud as a thunder-clap. Mal heard the beginnings of mystical chanting coming from the behind the west door and conjured a globe of silence in front of the door.

CAM00734As the doors burst open the heroes could see a trio of duergar in the corridors each side. Harrold sprinted forward and stabbed at the leading dwarf in the east doorway bloodying the dour-faced warrior (a crit!) before using her cunning action to disengage to safety. Lan fired his bow at the dwarf overseer in his platemail behind the warriors but the shot glanced off the armour.

Remembering how much the light affected them previously, Mal summoned his magic and made Fudwick’s spikey helmet glow like the sun, just in time for the diminutive warrior to charge at the bloodied dwarf with his weapon swinging.

The dwarves in the east corridor surged into the silence aura and engaged Lan and Gedrick as the robed figure behind them threw a small ceramic globe across the room at the gnome. It fell short and as it broke open on the floor the contents were revealed to be a stone with a darkness spell cast upon it, which negated the glow on the gnomes helmet.

The dwarves respite from the eye-stinging brightness didn’t last however as Mal chose to cast another Light spell on the table in the center of the room, under which Harrold was hiding. Kaemri kept jumping down from the safety of the bunk beds to strike at the dwarf fighting Gedrick before retreating once again to his vantage point.

durzagonThe robed duergar moved into a viable position now that the silence had dispelled and unleashed a fan of flames with his burning hands spell, luckily Lan, Gedrick and Harrold were able to avoid the worst of it.

Fudwick continued to trade blows with overseer having dispatched the warriors, and despite taking several vicious blows from the dwarf’s weapons eventually slew the armoured warrior.

The remaining heroes then focused on the sole duergar, the robed one, and although his magic protected him briefly he soon fell under their combined assault.CAM00735

Their foes defeated the heroes needed to rest and recover, with the rogues working together to secure the doors and taking turns to sit watch they bunked down.

Their rest was undisturbed and then they decided to explore where the robed duergar had come from, following the corridor to his chamber and discovering the tortured form of Jekk Ironfist manacled to the wall.

Before tending his wounds and releasing him the heroes were more interested in the large chest beside the bed, finding the dwarf’s spellbook and treasure as well as Jekk’s plaster copy of the Delimbyr Bloke.

Once Jekk had recovered enough they gave him his armour and weapon back and he implored the heroes to accompany him back to Daggerford and inform Sir Isteval of what had occurred.

Returning to the chamber with the prisoners the heroes led them along the cart tracks until they came to a chamber with a strange machine beside the tracks which continued up a steeply rising tunnel. The party examined the machine and realised it could be used to activate the sloping tracks to raise loaded carts to the upper halls. While the heroes clambered aboard Lan pulled the lever and the cart lurched upwards with the former prisoners following in foot.

The cart finally came to a halt in an upper chamber beside a similar machine and as the party waited for the prisoners to catch up they caught the scent of fresh air tinged with something else coming from the corridor leading east. They realised the strange smell was that of decaying flesh but still heading towards it with the promise of fresh air and a possible exit.

As they headed down the corridor Gedrick felt the floor under his foot sink slightly and managed to stop before he lifted his foot off, while Lan and Kaemri examined the pressure plate he’d stood on, Mal urged the prisoners to hurry past just in case. The pair of rogues were able to detect that letting the plate rise would activate a mechanism of some sort and so used their skills to jam it, just as the screams of the prisoners further down the corridor began.

The heroes rushed forward to find several dead prisoners lying on the floor of the next chamber and bloody footprints leading onwards. A quick examination showed the prisoners were being pursued by armoured feet, probably more duergar, and so they charged to catch up.

They caught up in the next chamber as a pair of duergar warriors were laying in to the remaining prisoners whose screams had covered the heroes approach and so they blasted into the surprised dwarves and slew them. Out of the twenty or so prisoners only three remained alive. The source of the fresh air was revealed to be a door leading outside that hadn’t been quite shut and as the heroes led the way out cautiously they fund the source of the decaying scent too, a mass grave of bodies in various states of decomposition, former prisoners.

Getting their bearings, Jekk was confident that he could guide the party back to Daggerford and so they journeyed towards the relative safety of the town.

With time just about up, we called it there. The heroes will be meeting with Sir Isteval and the authorities to let them know what they and Jekk had found out and discuss the way forward.


3 Responses to “D&DEnc 17 – Scourge of the Sword Coast – Session 4”

  1. richgreen01 Says:

    Great write up Mik. Which of the Sundering adventures is your favourite?

    • For gameplay I’d say this one, but setting wise I’m a big Icewind Dale fan.
      This one is more of an old fashioned adventure with castles and dungeons to explore, though still way more content than the expected 12 2 hour weekly Encounters sessions can fit without rushing some of it to finish in time I think. We’ll see.

      • richgreen01 Says:

        I’ve only run/played Crystal Shard and really liked it although found the format of the module quite annoying with encounter info often spread across 4 sections. Overall this series is pretty good though – much more story-focused than many 4e adventures, I think

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