A journey through the Edge of the Empire – Session 4

beyond-the-rimUna got a call from an old acquaintance, some Twi’lek named Reom that was head of IsoTech, apparently he had a job that our little band may be interested in.  Well, we felt that the shine had gone from hanging with the underground movement on Ryloth, and besides he said the magic words – it would pay well, so it was off to meet him at the Wheel.

The Wheel, independent space station out on the mid-rim, I’d never been before but to be fair once we approached I wasnt impressed. After landing in one of the many hangers we quickly made our way to IsoTech’s offices where we found Reom waiting for us. He told us of a an old salvagers legend, an old Separatists ship, the Sa Nalaor, which disappeared at the close of the Clone Wars out at the edge of the Rim while fleeing Imperial pursuit, supposedly with some secret technology on board. He may have given us more details, but to honest his droning voice was causing me to drift off, I was never a fan of fairy tales.

Turns out his people had recovered a hyperspace message from apparently from the ship and with it the co-ordinates of the ship itself. Reom wanted us to take his droid, IT-3PO, and find the ship and bring our findings back to his base on Raxus Prime, offering 10,000 creds and if any of the tech remained he would be happy to increase that threefold. 30,000 creds would keep us flying for some while so we agreed.

As we had a few hours before the droid was meant to be delivered to our hanger we took the opportunity to stock up on supplies and try to dig up more info on our destination. We must have dug a little to hard as a Rodian gang decided to kidnap the droid just before it got delivered. As they tried to flee on a cargo floater Una tapped into the local systems and cordoned off the area and issued an alert to warn the locals to clear the way. T’su and me, we took a direct approach, shooting to disable the floater before moving in to rescue the droid. The would be thieves had a ship docked nearby too, a YT-2400 named Nightflyer, so we decided to take it with us as a back up. Una and T’su on the Krayt with me on the Flyer. Una rigged up a slave connection to help with the astrogation and we plotted our hyperspace jump to Cholganna, choosing to follow the Sa Nalaor’s flight plan and make the trip in two jumps.

Despite a false start and a couple of hiccups we eventually came out of hyperspace and all frell broke loose. Shutting off the alarms we find we’re in some sort of nebula with some pretty hefty meteoroids looming close. Luck’s with us though and we soon work our way past the worst of it and find the planet Cholganna.

Una deciphers enough of the pods data to narrow the search down and we soon landing in a barely big enough clearing before we set off towards some of the wreckage we’ve detected along the path of river. Being a city boy I’m not too happy about the hot sweaty jungle but thankfully my armour keeps the temperature bearable and the insects out, same for T’su but Una wasnt so lucky.

We finally reach what looks to be an escape pod, the words “34 Besh” stencilled on the sides, half sank in a slimy pond. There’s a ragged open hatch but a swarm of fat green bugs buzz angrily around it. We decide although Una’s probably best to examine whats left of the pod she’s most at risk. Then I have an idea (it doesn’t happen often), I give T’su and Una one of my spare capacitor cartridges from my rifle and they jury rig it to act as a stun grenade. I climb up on the pod, not easy with a coating of slime clinging to the shell and the bugs that keep dive bombing me but thanks to my armour all they can do is annoy me, getting my close up look I see they have nasty stingers which definitely would have got through Una’s padded clothing. Anyway, I prime the grenade but just as I toss it in to the opening it slips out of my hand and starts heading to the pond. I try to make a dive for it and though I failed to catch it I do manage to divert it back into the hatch as I fall off the pod myself. There’s a satisfying crump as the grenade blows and the bugs are caught in the blast which is enough to overcome their tiny forms. Una is then able to get in and recover a little more data including a holo recording of a message featuring Captain Harsol before the ship went down and the ships trajectory. Adding this to the info from our scans we continue up river to what should be ships final resting place but as the river itself is heading in a huge loop we decide to cut straight through the jungle.

Oh boy was that a mistake. We get ambushed by furry tree climbing octopi, one of which tried to drag me up into the canopy before we took them out, thankfully their hides don’t prove resistant to continued blaster fire and we finally make it to the crash site, but its the rear of the ship. Turns out scrabbling around cargo holds makes me the best climber of the three of us so I “volunteer” to go investigate. The climbs hard but not impossible and once I reach the torn opening in the hull I signal the others. I start to search for anything recoverable but am interrupted by a low growl. Turning I find a large cat with a mouth full of teeth crouching in a “ready to pounce” pose. As I fight it Una and T’su provide covering fire but Una’s shot hits some left over fuel cells and the resulting explosion drops me deeper into the hull but thankfully scared the cat thing off. Once I recover my wits I find what looks like an ammo store, though only a few old grenades, a bowcaster and a med-pack remain.

I head back to the others and we head onwards, covering several more klicks before finding the main hull.

Sa Nalaor wreck

We enter through the lower decks where the side of the ships been ripped open during the crash and make our way upwards, finding our way eventually to the bridge. Despite the whole place being covered in over growing vines and moss its clear that several pieces of equipment have been removed deliberately, though we do find a holo-projector that’s still semi-functional. Its playback shows the last few minutes on the bridge before the crash with Captain Harsol pulling a woman to the deck in an effort to protect her before it cuts off.

We’re prevented from exploring further as a trio of those cat things enter through the broken view screen, but these are slightly different. One has its claws plated and crackling with energy, the second has metal teeth and the third has its tail armoured and tipped with a club – as if these things were vicious enough someone has been cybernetically enhancing them!

Using the remaining equipment banks we kept the beasts from swarming us and with a well placed grenade toss blew the floor out from under the one with the shiny teeth. T’su was able to maneuver the clawed one so that Una could drop that one through a hole in the wreck too and that just left the club-tailed one. We eventually were able to defeat it and tossed its corpse to join its fellows below. By now we were all exhausted and so secured ourselves what was left of the bridge for a very tense night full of strange noises and not a lot of sleep.

Munificent bridge

Wow. Another great session, though to be honest this one took place some time ago and I have been lax in getting it written up. We have since played the next session and I’m hoping to have that written up shortly. Although I have kept the battle action brief the fight against the cyber-cats was a lot harder than it sounds and almost proved too much for us, but that just made victory all the sweeter eventually. My character had to use 2 stimpacks during the fight just to stay active (I do like how repeated use of them reduces their effectiveness too, a great little quirk).

My thanks as usual to our GM Liam, and fellow players and kind hosts Anna and Chris.


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  1. Sounds like a great session.

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