D&DEnc 17 – Scourge of the Sword Coast – Session 8

dnd_products_dndacc_sundering3_pic3_enWe only had my table this week at Tabletop Tyrants as most players on the second table had real-life commitments to deal with. I had a full team once again.

  • Sunyi – Mal, dragonborn cleric (Light domain).
  • Adam – Gedrick Gladomain, high elf ranger.
  • Tanis – Langar ‘Lan’ Shadowweaver, wood elf rogue.
  • Oliver – Kaemri, dragonborn rogue.
  • Heather – Fudwick, gnome barbarian.
  • Tilly – Harrold ‘the halfpint’ Hopson, halfling rogue.

Having spent a short rest to prepare themselves the heroes decided to let the rogues scout the best approach to the castle proper. With the steepness of the hill the only practical approach would be the main path but they hugged the  hillside were able to see that the main wall was patrolled by a pair of orcs while another pair were stationed on the arched gateway. Returning to their comrades they decide to try and hug the eastern wall and sneak in through the collapsed section.

The plan worked reasonably well, with Fudwick even managing to guide his mount over the rubble into the courtyard, that is until Gedrick cam across last. Misplacing his feet and tumbling down the loose stones to the path below and alerting the pair of orcs on the archway. They threw javelins at him but missed and blew an alarm on their horn.

The rest of the heroes spotted a handful of orcs rushing out of the ramshackle tents in the courtyard and cutting a slash in the back of the nearest large tent managed to sneak inside before being seen. The orcs rushed to the opening and began pursuing Gedrick who led them back down the hill towards the campsite. Once there he tried to distract them with his prestidigitation created images but they ignored them and skewered him with javelins (out of 5 shots I scored 3 hits and a crit, giving him 25 damage!) before he made it to the woods beyond and once again used his cantrip to make the sounds of an approaching sizable force. The orcs began to return to the castle.

Meanwhile back in the courtyard Kaemri used his skills to sniper an orc sentry, the bolt going through the beast throat and pinning it into place where it stood so that it still looked to be on guard. The heroes then use their ranged attacks to take out the pair or patrolling orcs on the curtain wall with quiet ease. Leaving Fudwicks mount in the tent they then head through what looked to have been an armoury, taking the remaining halberd, short swords, longsword and flail before ambushing the pair of orcs on the arch. They propped the dead orcs up against the wall to make them appear still at their posts. As they did so they heard grunting noises coming from the door at the far end. Preparing their weapons, Fudwick pulled the door open and the heroes let loose, quickly slaughtering the large orc and his quartet of pigs within the room.

By now the remaining orcs that had chased Gedrick were approaching the castle and the heroes on the archway peppered them with missile fire easily taking them out before they even got within range of returning fire. Gedrick collected up the spent ammunition and returned it to his comrades as they met up back in the courtyard.

They quickly decide to head into the northern buildings, through the defaced entry hall and into what looked to be a communal eating area. A search amongst the build up of refuse revealed a trapdoor in the floor and after checking it wasnt trapped the heroes descended.

The trapdoor led onto a narrow steeply descending staircase, beyond which they could see it opened into a chamber apparently lit by firelight. Kaemri peeked cautiously into the chamber and discovered the sleeping forms of a pair of the larger orcs. Using his stealth he snuck forward and killed them without waking them. The rest of the party joined him in the room as they planned their next move.

There were there darkened corridors leading out of the room, east, south and west, and the trio of rogues decided to scout one each, Lan heading east, Kaemri south, and Halfpint (accompanied by Fudwick) west.


Halfpint and Kaemri used a lit oil soaked rag in an empty potion bottle as a temporary light source while Lan used one of his candles. The elf skulked along the darkened corridor passing an opening to his right before his path turned north and ended in a door. It took him a couple of attempts but he managed to unlock it and passed into the room beyond. A thick central pillar dominated the room with a large coil of rope around it but nothing else caught his attention so he returned to the south opening. This led down to another door.

Kaemri glided down the south tunnel finding a door a short ways in. He couldn’t find any traps on it and pulled it open. The smell that assaulted him was horrible, fetid and decayed refuse as well as a hacked elven corpse. Even after he had pushed the door closed he felt nauseated. Continuing south he came to a junction, the way south blocked by an orc built barricade but another corridor led eastward. Rather than clamber over the barricade he turned east soon finding a pair of double doors to his right. A brief examination revealed dim sunlight and the smell of fresh air and water (which thankfully cleared his head of the previous stench), but he continued down the corridor until it ended in a door.

The halfling and gnome headed west but the corridor soon turned south, eventually opening into a chamber whose western half had been made into a pair of cells complete with shackles and manacles chained to the walls. Both cells were open and empty. Two exits led from the chamber, a corridor leading east and a stairway descending south. The pair of heroes took the stairs and found themselves in a largish chamber with several broken and empty crates, barrels and boxes. Another set of stairs led up and out to the east but as they searched through the debris they discovered a movable section of the western wall. Once they had convinced themselves it wasnt trapped they pushed through into a narrow corridor which led into a hidden chamber.

The chamber has several niches and alcoves lining its walls and a stairway leading up to the north but it was choked with rubble. Nothing of note took the heroes attention so they took the passage at the far end to the north and discovered another chamber. This one certainly had something worth looking at, at its center sat a large open chest filled with shining coins and a crystal decanter sitting proudly on their top. Halfpint and Fudwick cautiously checked for any sign of traps and finding none they examined the loot. The decanter was labeled “Healing” and looked to contain the equivalent of about four potions worth of liquid while the chest was filled with silver and copper coins. Just to be safe the pair searched the room for any hidden compartments and found another sliding wall panel leading north.

gold-catPassing through they found a larger chamber, this one had a pair of smaller closed chests, a trio of display stands holding a suit of chainmail, a warhammer and a shield, a trio of large clay urns and a wooden bench with a life-sized golden statuette of a cat sitting on it.

Opening the first chest the diminutive heroes found electrum and silver coins, the second chest yielded gold coins and an abundance of red gems which Fudwick identified as Bloodstones.

Turning their attention to the statuette they checked for traps,careful not to actually touch the bench or cat. Satisfied that there were none, Fudwick picked it up to appraise it…..


… the statuette shattered as the cat sprang forth, growing as it did so into a large snarling tiger!

Halfpint and Fudwick quickly grabbed their weapons…..



And as they rolled for initiative I ended the session (we had overrun by about 15 minutes anyway but what a cliffhanger). It was quite coincidental that both of our female players (both playing male small race characters) chose to head off together, will it spell their doom?  A really fun session with some great moments and excellent player interaction, I really liked their idea to use the burning rags as small light sources for sneaking around rather than the very bright coins with a light spell on them, certainly shows they’re thinking tactically.

So next week we’ll begin with the pouncing tiger, I had pre-rolled initiatives for all the monster left in the castle and comparing  it to the rolls Tilly and Heather made (and I noted down) it’s certainly going to be a bloody beginning 🙂


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