Time for a surgical strike

BLThis weekend see’s the Leicester AllScars Easter Kill Team event.

We shall be descending upon Tabletop Tyrants (our regular home) to play a 6 30 minute round tourney, using each of the 6 missions from the Kill Team Dataslate. We have also run a literary competition beside it, requiring a short (500 word max) story about your respective Kill Team.

As always I have taken my SAMCRO based Black Legion chaos space marines, and while I toyed with taking a team based solely upon the chosen mini’s from the Dark Vengeance boxed set, I just couldn’t “break character” and chose my team based upon the biker gang I centre most of my army selections from.

Lord Morrow stalked from his shuttle to the bridge of the Ruinous Bounty. Only one of the cult members dared approach him mid route, the crumpled remains of his mangled corpse deterring further interruptions. It was obvious that his meeting with the Warmaster had not gone well.

Taking his seat upon the command deck he thumbed the comm channel “Jaxxon, attend me, now!” and closed the channel without waiting for a confirmation. The Warmaster had indeed been displeased with the failed conquest of Vordrast and Morrow was genuinely surprised to have left the Black Star Fortress alive. His warband needed a victory to restore morale; open warfare hadn’t suited their fighting style so it was time to get back to basics.

Jaxxon strode onto the bridge, with his helmet off revealing his face which could probably still have passed as a loyalist marine as it was yet to show any signs of the corruption of chaos. That didn’t mean that he was a rookie though, no, he was Morrow’s right hand and many had expected him to take command if the older warrior had been slain by Abandon.

“Jaxx, choose a crew and take a cruise” commanded Morrow, “let the Men of Mayhem restore the faith with the blood of our enemies” and dismissed his lieutenant with a wave.

Jaxx headed for the vehicle bays, already mentally selecting his men as he walked. Opie was a must, his hit’n’run tactics would be perfect for a strike team especially coupled with the devastation of his rides meltagun. Chibbs was also a guaranteed choice, his hatred of everyone manifesting by imbuing his weapons with soulfire. Tiggs would also be an excellent choice with his flamer-equipped bike burning their foes. His final choice would be Jooz; the youngster had an excellent knack for being able to target enemies despite their cover.

Happy with his crew, he used the nearest wall comm to summon his chosen men to the maintenance bay. He knew they wouldn’t trust the cult adepts to make the final checks on their rides before Otto the warpsmith could give them a final blessing before they were deployed.

Once the prayers had ended and the sacrifices made, the bay filled with the roar of finely tuned engines as the Reaper Crew rode out.


Fast Attack (200pts)

Chaos Bikers (200pts)

4x Chaos Biker (80pts), Flamer (5pts), Mark of Nurgle (30pts), Meltagun (10pts), Veteran of the Long War (5pts)

  • Chaos Biker Champion (70pts)

Combi-melta (10pts), Gift of Mutation (10pts), Melta Bombs (5pts), Power Weapon (15pts)

Name Unit Type WS BS S T W I A LD Save Pg
Chaos Biker Bike 4 4 4 6 1 4 1 8 3+ 37
Chaos Biker Champion Bike (Character) 4 4 4 6 1 4 2 9 3+ 37
  • Gift of Mutation:


Hit & Run – Opie

Soul Blaze – Chibbs

Ignore Cover – Jooz

Having looked at several of the other submitted lists and the missions ahead this could be very interesting. It will be the first time playing Kill Team and playing to a time limit (other than the stores own opening times) so I have no idea just how things will pan out – hopefully with at least 1 (or more) wins to finally break my streak.

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