Leicester All Scar Kill Team – Easter carnage

BLYesterday was the first (hopefully of many more to come) Leicester AllScars Kill Team event. We had 14 players facing 6 rounds (one for each mission in the official dataslate) down at Tabletop Tyrants.

Even though everyone’s lists had been made available via the website actually seeing them on the tables was awe-inspiring. My personal favourite (no bias, they just happened to be painted in black and gold) was Edd Quick’s Four Juggers of the Apocalypse Chaos Deamon team – a quartet of juggernaut mounted bloodletters.

With my list and models in hand I looked at the fixtures, I would be facing a good mixture of opponents:


  • Rnd 1 Lee’s Jetbike Eldar – I’d faced his Imperial Guard in the Crusaders, but not his Eldar yet.
  • Rnd 2 Alasdhair’s Aspect Eldar – hadn’t played Alasdhair at all but had seen his excellently painted chaos marines.
  • Rnd 3 David’s Sternguard – I’d yet to face David or Sternguard on the table but we both had 5 man teams.
  • Rnd 4 Simon’s Salamanders – was hoping he’d brought his ork bikers for a “rumble” but looked forward to playing against him for a first time.
  • Rnd 5 Jon’s Space Wolf PMC – Would they prove deadlier than his Tau?
  • Rnd 6 John’s Crimson Slaughter – I’d missed playing John in our first tournament due to illness, so another first.


So how did the rounds go,

CAM00758 CAM00759Round 1 v Lee – His shuriken cannon was visciously tearing at my bikes so I focused a fair bit of fire at it and thankfully took it out, I also managed to take his Scorpion Exarch out using the Hammer of Wrath as one of the bikes charged in. Unfortunately despite needing 6’s to damage me my saving throws sucked and by turn 5 he’d wiped me out.




CAM00760Round 2 v Alasdhair, despite a lucky shot taking his Fire Dragon Exarch out it only took 2 turns for his remaining fusion armed Dragons to reduce my bikes to lumps of molten slag.






CAM00761CAM00762 CAM00763Round 3  v David, rolled Crystal Body for my champions Gift this time making him T7! But this didn’t stop me failing armour saves once again. Still managed to take his leader out first go though and a couple of my guys even survived dangerous terrain tests to surge into assaults, but at the end of turn 4 David had taken me out.


CAM00764Round 4 v Simon. We both rolled the Leader trait that would give us an extra VP for destroying the others leader in a challenge an visions of a vicious hand-to-hand battle came to mind. Only to be shattered as his leader failed its armour save to my very first shot of the game.

For once my guys were actually passing armour saves, I even managed to shoot down the landspeeder. With the variable game length roll on the mission ending the battle I was victorious!

Yes you heard it right folks, a victory for my Black Legion.


CAM00766 CAM00767Round 5 v Jon. His heavily converted PMC space wolves (see his blog for details) certainly looked mean, especially the huge thunderwolf.

The slavering beast chewed through a pair of my bikes before claiming the objective hill.

I managed to shoot down its smaller cousin and thanks yet again to opponents failing dice rolls I managed to drop his leader in turn 3, just before that darn dog tore my remaining forces apart like chew toys.

Round 6 v John, I didn’t manage to get any pictures during this one, it was that brief! Draznicht’s melta armed troops were tearing through my men like paper. The only redeeming moment came when Jaxxon (my leader) rode forward and took the Slaughters champion out with his Combi-Melta. Unfortunately it was too little too late and another turn 2 loss.

The final results were tallied and the overall winner, and deservedly so, was Alasdhair, having won all 6 of his games convincingly. The winner of the short story competition we had linked to the event was Edd, as voted by the members ourselves.

In hindsight the Mark of Nurgle was a touch of overkill and would have been better replaced by Mark of Tzeentch, thus giving me an invulnerable save which (albeit a 6) could have maybe prevented a few melta-deaths. Also taking soulblaze on Chibbs proved pointless, of the 6 opponents I faced only Jon had multi-wound models.

However, I really liked the format of Kill Team and the way you could play several games in a single afternoon. It reminded me of Necromunda somewhat and I have many fond memories of that game.

So with a victory finally under my belt I turn my attention to our next event – the 2014 Leicester Allscars Tournament, beginning next month. The draw has already been made for the first round and I shall be facing Joe, I’ve suffered at his hands during the Crusaders campaign, so I shall have to see what I can come up with to try and get a win out of this one.

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