D&DEnc 17 – Scourge of the Sword Coast – Session 9

dnd_products_dndacc_sundering3_pic3_enThis week at Tabletop Tyrants we had agreed to play for an extra hour in the hopes of finishing Harpshield Castle. I had a full team once again and we picked up where we left off last week with the tiger pouncing at Fudwick and Halfpint…

  • Sunyi – Mal, dragonborn cleric (Light domain).
  • Adam – Gedrick Gladomain, high elf ranger.
  • Tanis – Langar ‘Lan’ Shadowweaver, wood elf rogue.
  • Oliver – Kaemri, dragonborn rogue.
  • Heather – Fudwick, gnome barbarian.
  • Tilly – Harrold ‘the halfpint’ Hopson, halfling rogue.

The tigers roar reverberated throughout the dungeon complex but the gnome and halfling were more concerned with its wickedly sharp claws and teeth. At first it focused on the armoured gnome before it but when Halfpint stepped behind and slashed violently at its haunch he got the beasts attention. With a swipe of its massive paw it left the halfling gasping and bloody (down to 1hp in a single hit!) so while Fudwick pounded away on the tiger, Halfpint withdrew and tried to heal himself. The only healing he had available was the decanter from the previous treasure room so he took a deep drink. The familiar tingle of magic began coursing through his small frame but suddenly changed, leaving him wracked in agony – poison! As Fudwick landed a fatal blow on the tiger, Halfpint dropped lifelessly to the ground (Tilly had died 10 minutes into the session, but we had the playtest documents to hand so she set about creating her next character).

Meanwhile Lan and Kaemri explored the doors before them, finding they both led into what appeared to be an abandoned tavern room. It had two more doors leading from it but rather than explore further they decided to head and investigate the source of the roar, catching up with Mal and Gedrick as they went. As they passed the empty cells they noticed the eastern passageway looked to lead to a chamber partially lit with firelight but chose to ignore it in favour of discovering their companions fate.

Once the heroes had regrouped they examined the rest of the chambers treasure, Gedrick was able to detect magic upon the chainmail, shield and warhammer on the stands and while they took a short rest to help Fudwick recover a little they were able to identify the items and distributed them amongst the group.

The heroes decided to return to the tavern room and explore further from there, taking the door leading east into a short corridor and another door. Fudwick and Gedrick boldly opened it and entered the room beyond to find the floor strewn with debris, a stone stairway leading up choked with rubble, and a large spider crouching in the northeast corner. When the spider didn’t immediately attack, the ranger and gnome began to approach so as to investigate but before they could find out more Kaemri fired a bolt through its face. The heroes were a shocked when the head of the beast collapsed inwards revealing it was just a dried out husk. But not as shocked as when a quartet of purple scaled worms burst from the floor and attacked.

grick-225x300Lan took one look at the creatures and ran away to secure himself in the well room. While Fudwick and Gedrick battled the strange creatures in melee, Mal assisted with well placed blasts of holy fire and Kaemri used his favourite strike and fade routine. The worms were quickly despatched with very little damage being taken by the heroes. Once the sounds of combat had faded Lan returned to the disapproving looks of his companions.

A search of the room proved fruitless until Fudwick found a hidden door in the east wall, when they opened it they were hit with a blast of stale air but thankfully it had no detrimental effects. Moving in to the room beyond they found it was empty aside from a liberal layer of dust and some rubble from where part of the ceiling had collapsed some considerable time ago. A single door led east from the room. Kaemri used his mirror on a stick to peek beyond the door, finding it darkened, but then he realised it was due to a large heavy covering hanging behind the door and could make out that the room beyond was lit by  firelight.

The_Thing_in_the_PortalForging ahead they found the room beyond to be lit by a brazier in each corner, with a pair of bookcases against the east wall, a desk against the north and a peculiar archway on the south wall that opened onto the blank wall behind. Gedrick stepped forward to examine the curious stonework and it began to fill with swirling shadowy-stuff which then leapt out at the ranger, forming into a pair of shadow creatures.

One of the shadows continued to strike at Gedrick while the other seemed drawn to Mal, possibly sensing his link to his god. As their attacks seemed to be less effective, Kaemri, Lan and Fudwick began bashing at the carved arch in hopes of collapsing it. Eventually the ranger and cleric were able to destroy one of the fiends and as the other heroes caused enough damage to the arch to disrupt its link to the plane of shadow just as the final foe was destroyed. Examining the  books and scrolls caused them to crumble into useless dust.


The heroes decided to regroup back at the barracks room but firstly Fudwick and Kaemri wanted to check on the condition of Fudwicks pony back in the orc tent. They made their way to the well room and Kaemri threw his grappling hook up towards the top, though his first attempt almost came back down on his own head. His second throw sailed up and caught securely. The dragonborn clambered swiftly up and as he approached the lip of the well the light become blocked out, looking up he saw the hulking mass off an ogre – just before it smashed a huge club into the stonework, dislodging the grappling hook and sending Kaemri tumbling. Luckily Fudwick was able to pull the falling rogue to safety and as the bleat of a warning horn from above rang out they swiftly returned to their companions.

Rushing back above aground to the courtyard they found the ogre guarding the entrance to the tower, a one-eyed orc skulked behind it. Kaemri bolted the ogre, receiving a powerful icy ray from the orc in return. Fudwick charged forward to engage the huge brute, trading blows as Gedrick joined them. Lan and Mal used their ranged attacks to support their comrades. The orc shaman struck the gnome down with an Inflict Wounds spell, dropping the feisty barbarian to the ground, he tried the same with Gedrick but his new shield helped him to shrug the attack off. The heroes continued to focus upon the brutish ogre and as it fell to their combined assault it landed upon the unconscious gnome!

With everyone shifting their focus to the shaman Mal rushed forward to use healing magic upon the stricken gnome, reviving the diminutive warrior just in time to see the orc fall. Still worried about his pony Fudwick ran back to the tent, happily relieved to find his trusty steed where he left it while his allies picked over the bodies of the ogre and shaman.

And that’s where we had to call it for this week. This had been the fourth session and a total of 9 hours of game play in Harpshield Castle, so hopefully we can (finally) complete it next week with another extended session as we only have 3 sessions left for this season.


One Response to “D&DEnc 17 – Scourge of the Sword Coast – Session 9”

  1. That’s a lot of time spent in the castle… which I think we’ll miss altogether!

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