D&DEnc 17 – Scourge of the Sword Coast – Session 10

dnd_products_dndacc_sundering3_pic3_enStill at Harpshield Castle, we played another 3 hour session at Tabletop Tyrants this week. Tilly wasnt with us this week but Vipin rejoined for a session as his players couldn’t make it

  • Sunyi – Mal, dragonborn cleric (Light domain).
  • Adam – Gedrick Gladomain, high elf ranger.
  • Tanis – Langar ‘Lan’ Shadowweaver, wood elf rogue.
  • Oliver – Kaemri, dragonborn rogue.
  • Heather – Fudwick, gnome barbarian.
  • Vipin – Traster, half-elf barbarian.

The heroes needed somewhere to rest so Kaemri and Lan crept up the stairs to the shaman’s chambers. There they found a pair of the larger orogs “playing” with a manacled half-elf. Despite their being surprised the orogs were able to fight the pair of rogues halfway down the stairs before finally being overcome. Satisfied that the way was now clear the whole party ascended (even leading Fudwick’s pony upstairs too) where the half-elf lurched forward only to be bashed by the heroes.

Lan and Gedrick volunteered to take watch as being elves they required less rest. The recovered half-elf kept talking to Lan, disturbing him and when even the threat of physical injury didn’t shut him up Kaemri knocked him unconscious. Lan spotted movement in the darkened courtyard and awoke Gedrick and Kaemri. None of them could see anything further from the arrow slits so carefully (as the stairway was pitch black in the night) descended to the tower entrance. As they got there they realised that the area was blanketed in silence, which masked the attack of a trio of zombies behind them (inside the tower!).

The zombies seemed more interested in reaching the top of the stairs and only attacked the heroes when they tried to get ahead of them but were quickly despatched (which had the added effect of ending the silence). Wanting to make sure there were no more undead heading their way they threw some burning oil flasks (and even fired a flaming arrow at the remaining tents) to illuminate the area, but no signs of further enemies could be seen.

The rest of the evening passed thankfully uneventfully, and in the light of morning they managed to talk to the half-elf, finding out he had been a caravan guard captured by the orcs and kept as a torture victim. Arming him with some of their spare weapons he accompanied the heroes. Kaemri and Lan pulled the rough wooden bed across the top of the stairway and rigged it with a spare crossbow and hammer trap so as to protect Fudwick’s pony while they returned to the catacombs to deal with the “pale one”. In the light of day they realised there was a trapdoor behind the stairs and that it led into a chamber Lan had previously discovered.

Descending carefully, they made their way back to the cells where they had left Half-pint’s corpse and the tiger. Both were missing and the floor was littered with bits of tiger flesh and fresh bloodstains leading east. Approaching the brazier lit room with caution they could see two pairs of stone sarcophagi on either side of the room but their focus was the pale, hunched figure seated at the far end pawing over something held in its hands. Before the creature even realised the heroes were there, they let fly with arrows and bolts and it slumped lifeless on its throne of bones and skulls, dropping what it had been holding onto the floor.

The heroes moved further into the chamber, with the injured half-elf hanging back with Lan to provide cover if necessary. Kaemri stepped toward the nearest sarcophagi to examine it. As the dragonborn reached the ancient carving all four of them exploded open in a cloud of stone shards as their occupants burst forth. Two of the figures were obviously once human, the third was Halfpint, but all three were clearly zombies as they shambled into combat. The fourth figure however was more imposing. A tall orc in armour with bone white skin crisscrossed by glowing red scars whose eyes glowed malevolently. This was obviously the “pale one”, and he tore into Gedrick with his vicious axe and his claw (choosing not to use his shield for defense). The zombies proved more of a distraction, disrupting the heroes attacks while the pale orc continued to assault them but thanks to the supporting fire of their comrades they were soon dealt with.

Kaemri tried to sneak in and strike the orc but misjudged it and actually hit Fudwick (with a crit no less!) and as he stood there in shock the orc turned his attention to the rogue. Its claw not only slashed the dragonborn’s scales but it’s very touch seemed to drain the life out of him and only a couple of such blows had the rogue lying lifeless. Seeing this Traster took off at a run, quickly followed (and overtaken) by Lan. This left Mal, Fudwick and Gedrick facing their opponent.The orc showed little sign of their attacks and as Fudwick dove to recover Kaemri’s magical hammer, Mal and Gedrick also turned tail and fled. The plucky gnome stood his ground, but with the orcs full focus now upon him the diminutive warrior soon fell to the flurry of blows (in the final round I managed to crit with the axe and hit with claw).

The remaining heroes regrouped at the tower to discover that Fudwicks pony had inadvertently triggered their traps while searching for food and lay dead, so they gathered their things and continued running as fast as they could back towards Daggerford.

Well we finally finished with Harpshield Castle, though not in the way the players had expected I’m sure. Five sessions and 12 gaming hours, I’m pretty sure if this was a home campaign it could have taken even longer with the survivors returning to seek revenge. As we only have two sessions left I’m going to have a discussion with our other DM and see that we all end up at the same point ready for Dead in Thay launch.

Speaking of which, our packs hadn’t arrived by the weekend but hopefully they will be in for collection this week. I read the preview on Dungeonsmaster.com and am really looking forward to it.


2 Responses to “D&DEnc 17 – Scourge of the Sword Coast – Session 10”

  1. Wow… that’s a lot of play time. I can’t talk, though, we’re still in the middle of Firehammer Hold!

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