2nd annual All Scars Tournament

BLWith May almost upon us it’s the beginning of the 2nd annual Leicester Allscars 40K tournament.

So with this in mind I have been looking at list options over the last few weeks and have finally decided which I’ll be beginning with. During the 5 round tournament each warlord is allowed to change their list up to 3 times ( as long as any changes are submitted to the organisers and checked for compliance).

My path through the rounds looks to be a hard one, round 1 sees me facing Paul, a new opponent for me but a stalwart of the group, round 2 will be  John, I faced his Crimson Slaughter (briefly) in the Kill Team event but this will be the first full battle together, round 3 against Jon will be something of a grudge match having been tabled by his Tau and his (albeit awesome looking) PMC space wolves, round 4 is Alasdhair, another foe that I faced in the Kill Team but yet to face in full battle, and finally in round 5, Christian, who I’ve not faced at all. Aside from an inkling that John will be bringing his Crimson Slaughter and Jon his PMC’s I haven’t a clue as to what else I could be facing as each of my opponents have a coupe of armies to choose from.

All this preparation got my creative juices flowing and after a trawl through my bits box I decided to put together a few bits and pieces, starting with a Havoc armed with a Lascannon. I had to make a few alterations to get the left arm/hand to fit where the metal weapon had a hand already moulded and then scratch built power cables to run from the backpack to the weapon (this was made using twisted strips of florist wire that I had in the cupboard). On the advice of my long time opponent, Gary, I glued a two-pence piece to the base to help with the instability of a metal weapon on a plastic mini – great tip, thanks Gary.

havoc-lascannon CAM00795-1

The next thing I decided to do was use some of the left over blades from my Heldrake to scratch build a siege shield on to an old Vindicator conversion that was sat languishing in the cupboard. As usual the rhino chassis is of the old design. A little careful cutting and shaping and I don’t think it looks too bad. When I finally paint it I’m planning on making the upper nodules look like lights/eyes.


And then this morning, having submitted my army list for the first round I decided to check through my figures and make sure I had the right ones for the job. I’m glad I did as I realised I need to assemble 4 more – 3 cultists and something to represent a Dark Apostle, for which I chose the power mace armed chosen from the Dark Vengeance boxed set.


I know I don’t have the time, patience and ability to get the whole force painted fully before hand but I would like to at lease have them all base/undercoated, so after a quick count up I find that I need to get 37 out of a total 77 models sprayed up (3 of which are vehicles).

Guess I’d best get busy.

One Response to “2nd annual All Scars Tournament”

  1. Well a quick update.

    I did manage to get my entire force base coated in time for the first round (as can be seen in the photos of my battle report).

    Also I now know what race/forces my further opponents are fielding:-

    Rnd 2 – John C – surprised me by not taking his Crimson Slaughter and brought Grey Knights with Imperial Fist allies. Thats going to be a tough one.

    Rnd 3 – Jon – As he had already said, bringing his Space Wolf based PMC. This will be interesting as from this round forward we’ll be switching to the new 7th Edition ruleset so a few changes to watch for.

    Rnd 4 – Alasdhair – once again facing his Eldar, the memory of the swit defeat in Kill Team still awaiting avenging.

    Rnd 5 – Christian – Tyranids! So this will be a double first, not only facing Christian but also the hivemind for the first time.

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