D&DEnc 17 – Scourge of the Sword Coast – Session 12 Season Finale

dnd_products_dndacc_sundering3_pic3_enAnother extended session at Tabletop Tyrants this week. We picked up where we left off last session.

  • Adam – Gedrick Gladomain, high elf ranger.
  • Tanis – Gadwin, half-elf paladin.
  • Oliver – Ace Freehly, human cleric/bard/mage/druid.
  • Heather – Reida, wood elf druid.
  • Sunyi – Mal, dragonborn cleric (Light domain).
  • Tilly – Gummi, tiefling bard.

After the brutal beating they had taken at the hands of the Thayan undead the heroes limped their way back to the room with the cells, with the two elves taking turns keeping watch while their allies took a much-needed long rest. Thankfully by the time they were ready to continue reinforcements had arrived in the form of their cleric friend and a tiefling bard sent by Sir Isteval.

Returning to the chamber where they had faced the wight and dread warriors they were surprised to find no trace of the corpses but pushed on anyway, coming into the final chamber of the estates basement. The only other exits appeared to be a trio of strange portals on the walls. One side showing a hall with stone trees forming like pillars, the other side showing a field of fire with a river of lava flowing through it. The one on the wall opposite their entrance showed an arid desert and as they watched they could see a trio of figures in the distance. As they watched the figures appeared to jump closer and closer and they were able to identify them as more of the undead warriors they had fought the day before. The heroes took up positions in readiness for the dread warriors arrival, and when the undead stepped through into the chamber battle commenced.

As the two sides crossed blades it seemed the heroes would easily outmatch their foes, then fiery imp appeared beside Gadwin ineffectually attacking him with a tail stinger before being swatted to the floor. This wouldn’t have proved much of an additional threat, until an elf woman with glowing red eyes in green dragon leather armour appeared as she cast a fireball right into their midst, blasting the heroes with arcane flames.

Gedrick moved to engage her, finding that she was as adept with her blades as she was with her spells. Meanwhile the dread warriors had spread out so as to threaten more of the party too and very soon heroes were having to be revived with magical healing to stay in the fight.

It didn’t help matters when as the heroes scored a killing blow on the dread warriors they kept fighting, refusing to return to deaths embrace thanks to the dark necromantic magic that created them. And then the elf threw another fireball!

With the dread warriors finally beginning to fall the heroes turned their attention to the elf and Gadwin struck with smite empowered blow staggering her, realising that this was Shalendra, Ace was advocating trying to take her alive so as to get her back to her brother – unfortunately Gummi hadn’t heard and the tiefling stabbed his rapier in the elf’s side. The wound wasn’t particularly deep or deadly but the elf suddenly glowed red from some energy source inside and exploded!

All that remained was ash but with her death the protective wards dropped and Darfin was able to enact his magic and recall the heroes to the safety of Daggerford.

Time once again had beaten us and so we didn’t run the events in Daggerford, but our other table had taken care of that side. We were all impressed by how much was in the adventure as a whole but agreed that it felt way to much for a normal Encounters adventure. As it was we had to skip several quite large sections throughout the season to even attempt to finish on time so that we could take part with the launch event this weekend for Dead in Thay. Even running an extra hour to make our weekly sessions 3 hours long only gave us a little more lee-way.

Not that we didn’t enjoy it, that was probably the problem. We enjoyed it too much (spending so long in Julkoun and Harpshield), but I think the players wouldn’t have got as much enjoyment out of the games if we had rushed through them.

Looking ahead to the Launch Weekend (which at the time of writing this I have just returned from) despite having a hiccup in receiving the store code to download its going to be quite a baptism by fire for the heroes – kind of reminds of the scene in Winter Soldier in the elevator when Cap says “Before we begin, does anyone want to get out?” – but of course none of our heroic souls would do so, we’re heroes after all!

So a huge thank you to Tito Leati, Matt Sernett and Chris Sims for a great adventure and to my players for making such a thrill-ride to run.


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