D&DEnc 18 – Dead in Thay – Launch Event and Session 2

news_20140310_1As I’ve fallen a little behind on my blog posts I’ll cover our Launch Event and the following Session 2 in this post, also due to time constraints I wont be posting in the usual story style of previous seasons but rather from the DM’s perspective.

We had quite a good turn out for the Launch, giving us enough for two tables, so after myself and Vipin did the read aloud intro from the NPC’s the players split themselves up and chose which of the elemental nodes they wished to tackle first. Vipin’s table chose the Water Node, while my table headed into the Earth Node.

A couple of good Nature checks identified the skull-faced hedgehogs as Earth Grues,  and as the paladin got knocked to the floor by the circling blocks the grues swarmed at him. They didn’t pose too much of a threat to start with but when the skill-monkey (cleric/bard/mage/druid) tried to assist one of them score a big fat critical on him and dropping him to the floor. Aside from this the grues were dealt with swiftly and the party advanced through the tunnels. They had to make a couple of detours as the unstable node collapsed the tunnels on occasion but eventually made it to the central chamber and spotted the glowing crystal atop the boulder.

When the paladin clambered up and grabbed the crystal key a pair of huge earth elementals appeared and the whole node began to collapse. After urging his allies to flee the paladin tried outrunning the elementals who gave him a sound beating before he finally caught up with his allies and received some much-needed healing.

Arriving back at the gate, and knowing the elementals were hot on their heels they found the way blocked by some Thayan warriors. The party quickly decided to try ignoring the warriors and charged past them into the gate, risking opportunity attacks but easily making it and activating the magic of the gate. Through the magic of the circlets the two team leaders had agreed to meet up in the Fire Node while the NPC party tackled the remaining Air Node.

With both groups tackling the same node we let a single DM (Vipin) run it, the party pretty much ignored the fire grues but had to tackle the fire elementals while they grabbed the key and once again fled back to the gate as the node collapsed.

As the heroes exited the gate we closed the session as the store was closing, we had been playing for 3.5 hours but still had the Bloodgate Nexus to run which we planned for the Wednesday evening session. Between the sessions I decided to print out a battlemat sized map so to show the enormity of the task.

CAM00828 CAM00829 CAM00830 CAM00831 CAM00832

Starting the Wednesday session we gave the players the option of splitting into two groups to tackle the Thayan forces separately but they decided to stick as one group, so we had Vipin DM while I took the role of co-ordinator and monitored the gates power level etc.

The heroes were taking a massive beating at the hands of the Thayans (the monk getting knocked unconscious in round 1) so after only 2 rounds we had Mennek’s betrayal and the appearance of Baazka. The fiend made his offer and we continued the initiative order. The paladin and skill-monkey both headed for the spirit-fiend but it was the skill-monkey that got there first and pulled the blade free. The fiend kept its word and stopped the ritual before telling the heroes he would kill them last as a thank you, but the pulling of the blade dropped the gate power below 0 and it blew.

Isteval sent his telepathic message that he would transport the heroes to safety – but they re-appeared instead in a chamber with the vision of another Red Wizard. She told them what had happened and what they would need to do to get out of the Doomvault. She gave them gate keys to some of the destinations within the vault and once they had chosen 2 (Ooze Grotto and Masters Domain) – we didn’t tell them which of us would be DMing which zone, and let them split themselves between the zones/tables.

So all in all we took 5.5 hours to complete the launch event and the non-combat based session 2 and begin the adventure in earnest this coming Wednesday. Having looked at whats coming I’m predicting some considerable carnage and we’ve already told the players to expect brutal beatings and not be afraid of running away if necessary – of course there’s only so far you can run in any dungeon….


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  1. I need some pointer on running “Dead in Thay”

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