D&DEnc 18 – Dead in Thay – Session 4

news_20140310_1So this at Tabletop Tyrants week we picked up where we left off in the Wizards Court with the party stripping the corpses of their robes to use as disguises and finding some minor treasures.

They then began opening the surrounding doors finding most were meagre cells for the studying mages and they dumped the now naked corpses into one of them, but also finding a pair of libraries and a oppulently decorated room.

This room had an ornate writing desk with a carved backboard resembling a striking dragon with embedded gems for eyes that glowed. When a couple of the heroes tried to pick the eyes out they were struck with magical energy beams and wisely chose to leave them be. They ransacked the footlocker finding several scrolls including one detailing the ritual to return a soul to its body and put them away for safe keeping. While searching the bed the barbarian spotted something furry move within the sheets and panicked, stabbing out with his sword – “killing” the rather decrepit looking teddy bear.

Meanwhile down in one of the libraries the ranger was looking for books on languages and found something called the Tome of the Stilled Tongue and so pulled it from the shelf to read. When he failed his WIS save he was struck mute and the book disappeared.

As the heroes planned their next move the barbarian noticed a figure flitting around the eastern side of the tiered pyramid and quickly engaged it. As battle with the wight began the remaining party members joined in and made reasonably light work of it despite not having magical weapons (it had appeared as a result of a Random Encounter roll).

The heroes then decided to continue north (following the route of the guards from last session) and come to the Hall of Necromancy. Opening the door they saw a female Red Wizard drawing a ghostly essence from the body of Kelson Darktreader.

Captain Skill Monkey tried to convince her they were simply other members of the Red Wizards, however she was unconvinced and with a shriek commanded the wights and deathlock wights to attack.

The barbarian, paladin and ranger advanced and engaged the melee wights, all the while taking a brutal beating from the undead as well as spell attacks from the Wizard and caster wights.

It started to look like things were going well when the heroes dropped 2 of the wights but then the paladin fell to multiple magic missile attacks and the last wight chose that moment to coup de gras him with his blade. Eventually, thanks to lots of healing magic keeping him standing, the barbarian slew the last wight and ended the Wizards life.

We had over-ran our time by almost half an hour to finish the combat off so I called it there and we’ll pick up next time with them looting the corpses. The paladin player was given the option of bringing the pc back as an undead but chose to bring a new pc next time in the form of reinforcements from Syranna.

Only 1 further zone cleared this week bringing my tables total to 5 (though technically the Dread Legion Barracks isn’t cleared).


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