…On a steel horse I ride…..

BLFor some time now I’ve wanted to make a special miniature for my Chaos Lord.

As my army is based on the characters of the Sons of Anarchy TV show my leader is Lord Clay Morrow and I usually field him on his chaos bike at the head of a large squad of bikers.

With the advent of 7th edition and unbound lists I can field more bikers than ever and have also found a rather nice Apocalypse formation in the Warzone Pandorax book which fits my theme perfectly (The Hounds of Huron).

All of this spurred me on to finally build the “fat-man trike” conversion for my Lord to ride into battle on.

trike-donerMy orignal plan had been to convert a Space Marine Attack Bike, utilising the gunner’s seat, and Gary just happened to have a spare for me to disassemble.

Once I got it to this stage I began to see certain impracticalities, especially with gunners legs actually being part of the seat piece.

So a rethink was in order, during which I had ordered a chaos bike chassis off Ebay.

CAM00890I knew I wanted the pair of back wheels to be wide than the normal model, so first step was to remove the wheel guards/exhausts.

I then had the idea of using the front wheel guard off the donor bike, split into halves to use as the inner wheel guards for my new wheels. Now I needed something to sit between the wheels as an engine block of sorts. I had acquired a chrome-plated plastic engine unit from a die-cast vehicle (via my job at a company that manufacture reproduction parts for classic die-cast cars) but unfortunately this didn’t work. So I had the idea of a pair of spare vehicle grenade launchers stacked up to look like some crazy turbo exhaust set up (a la batmobile).

CAM00893I still wanted to use part of the gunner’s seat so removed the backrest and fitted it on to the existing seat position.

First attempt at fitting went to hell as I tried moving the model before it was dry, so after giving the parts some verbal abuse (we all do it, admit it) I re-glued them and left them for a longer period to take hold.

CAM00896So once the wheels were sufficiently dry I re-attached the chaos wheel guard/exhausts to the outside of the new wheel assemblies and left them to dry overnight.

Following day and test fitting the handlebars and front cowl from the donor bike showed that they didn’t fit well. Thankfully a delve into the spares box revealed another chaos bike partly disassembled. I took the cowl with its boltguns, the handlebars and the riders right arm.

Overnight I had decided that I wanted the rider to show the wargear I usually equipped him with – the Hand of Darkness and the Skull of Ker’nagar – so while I had the spares box open I got the rest of the parts I would need to assemble him.

CAM00900I used the legs from the donor bike (it felt a little evil to use a Dark Angels legs for my Chaos Lord), with a normal chaos marine torso, a chaos power fist for the Hand of Darkness.

The head/helmet is from an old chaos warriors set but I liked skull motif held up between the horns and thought that it would be good to represent the Skull of Ker’nagar.

A spare shoulder pad and re-used backpack completed the figure.

CAM00897With the cowl and guns in place the mudguard looked a bit inadequate so another dip into the bits box yielded a shield (also from the afore-mentioned chaos warriors set), a little trimming and voila, a custom mudguard.

To complete the rear wheelguards I had some rubber track pieces from an old military model, which after some trimming and copious gluing fitted over to form the wheel covers.

The end result isn’t as “pretty” as I’d hoped for but fingers crossed once painted up several of the modelling sins will be less apparent.


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