AllScars 2014 Tournament Rnd 2 – v’s Grey Knights/Imperial Fists

BLMy round 2 game had been rearranged as my opponent couldn’t make the Saturday (it allowed me to have a game of 7e so no worries) and so I spent a second afternoon down at Tabletop Tyrants engaged in warfare.

This would be my last game of 6e (as a club we switch to 7e as of next week) and I didn’t change my force composition from last round.

My opponent was John, I had lost very quickly to his Crimson Slaughter kill team but had yet to face him in a full game. He surprised me by not running his chaos army though and has been using Grey Knights with Imperial Fist allies. Hmm, Grey Knights against Chaos Marines, this wasn’t going to go well.

CAM00925We were both happy with the scenery, had agreed on which sides we wanted and John won the roll for choice of going first but decided to go second (possibly a cunning choice with the tweaked victory condition of Last Blood). So after we’d both placed our aegis defence lines I deployed, 3 squads mounted in the rhino’s and landraider with the vindicator on left flank, the fourth marine squad taking a position in the ruins between the vehicles. The cultists and dark apostle in the ruins with the aegis (and the quad gun), while the havocs took cover in ruin to the right. The heldrake and bike squad were held in reserve.

John deployed with units in his rhino, razorbacks and landraider while his devastators and librarian manned his aegis and his grey knight commander stood in a ruin. His vindicare hid in a ruin close to my deployment and his callidus and storm talon were in reserve.

I got Gift of Balefire as my trait, not the best but a one shot template attack might get used. John tried to seize initiative but failed. We rolled for night fighting but there was none.

CAM00926My vehicles moved forward and then opened fire. The landraider and vindicator destroying the rhino, damaging its passengers who then took cover in the crater it left but failed their pinning test. The apostle fired the quad gun at a razorback, immobilising it and destroying its turret weapon. My havocs don’t prove as adept with their chosen targets passing their cover saves.

John responded with the pinned marines recovering and advancing towards the objective marker, the GK squad dismounted from the stricken razorback and join the warlord in ruins. The landraider moved flat-out coming exceedingly close to my defenders. The vindicare kept in cover but lined up a turbo shot and blows my raider up. The devastators and remaining razorback target my havocs, taking two of them out.

CAM00927 CAM00928Both my reserve units arrive, the heldrake vector striking the exposed marine unit before looming over the GK’s and bathing them in baleflame, reducing the unit to a single (burning) man. The former occupants of the raider clamber over the wreckage toward the objective marker and unleashing bolter and meltas at the marines. One of the rhino’s behind them risks driving over the remains of the raider and then also fires at the marines, whittling their numbers down. The vindicator moves further forward and fires at the warlord but although the shell finds its mark it fails to wound the imperial commander.

The marines in the ruins line up their bolters at the vindicare and manage to take a wound off him. The apostle and cultists prove less effective this round and can do little more than watch as the bikers tear onto the field. The remaining havocs target the razorback but only shake it up.

CAM00929John’s reserves prove as reliable as my own with his stormtalon cruising along his deployment zone to strafe my heldrake, taking a hull point off the beast. But the callidus appears in my aegis line and slaughters five of the cultists in the process. The landraider surprises me by staying put but unleashing fiery hell at the cultists and apostle but their covers saves them, a few of them aren’t so lucky when he fires the assault cannons though. His devastators reduce my havocs to just the champion but he’s much to stubborn to flee. His shaken razorback and its passengers target my cultists but their choice of hiding place keeps them safe.

CAM00930In order to stop his raider I drive a rhino flat-out and park it right in front of it. The other rhino continues to take risks driving from crater to crater and adding its bolter fire to the nearby squad to finish of the marine unit. The immobilised vindicator lines up another shot at the warlord and this time hears the satisfying squelch of flattened terminator armour (yay Slay the Warlord).  My heldrake flew up the board failing to damage the talon as it passed over but unleashing the baleflamer across the devastators and librarian, killing the unit and leaving the librarian alone. The squad in the ruins continue to shoot at the vindicare but he dodges their fire. The apostle leaves the cultists and strides towards the callidus unleashing his gift of balefire but the assassin survived unharmed. The bikers sling their bikes around and race towards the razorback unleashing melta shots but only managed to wreck it.

With an exaltation of the chaos gods the apostle charged the assassin, dodging her shredder shots and engaged in melee.

John brought his talon back across the battlefield and targeted the bike unit, managing to defeat their warped armour with its deadly barrage. The vindicare moved across and turbo shot the rhino in front of the raider leaving its passengers standing in the crater of its wreckage. The squad from the stricken razorback start firing at the last havoc but he continues to survive. The librarian turns the quad gun on the heldrake and manages to explode the demonic flyer. In the continuing close combat the apostle manages to wound the assassin but remain unharmed himself.

CAM00932My last embarked unit leaves their vehicle and claims the objective on my right, the rhino moves forward to add its fire to theirs and the other squad as they target the now exposed vindicare finally taking the assassin down in a hail of bolter fire. My other unit moves up through the ruins towards the middle of the board. The survivors in the centre take out the enemy raider with melta guns leaving the GK unit standing in its wreckage (by this time we had run out of scenic craters!) this allowed the unit moving through the ruins to then target the GK’s taking a couple out.

The cultist champion manning the quad-gun saw his opportunity and lined up a shot on the talon, not even needing the  twin-linkd ability and stripping the imperial flyer of its hull points and sending it earthward and doing his happy dance to the cheers of his comrades. The apostle continued to fight the callidus and struck the leather clad agent of the imperium down.

CAM00933With his limited resources John continued to fight on. The GK’s in the center claiming the center objective and finishing of what was left of my nearby unit. The librarian and other GK unit targeted the cultists and marine squads but the minor casualties were inconsequential.

My still immobilised vindicator had no other targets so lobbed a shot at the stricken razorback causing just enough damage to wreck it. With one squad left to cover the objective my other two moved into a position to target the central GK unit while the rhino moved flat-out so that it closed upon the centre objective but blocking line of sight to my marine squads from the librarian’s quad gun. The massed bolter and melta fire saw off the GK’s leaving the central objective bare (and scoring me Last Blood as it turned out). The  apostle moved up and took over the quad gun from the cult champion and targeted the librarian, finally leaving him a bloody corpse. The cultists fired their heavy stubbers at the remaining GK unit but their armour proved too thick.

John’s remaining GK unit consolidated around their objective and tried to finish of my havoc champion but he managed to shrug off their fire.

The game ended with us controlling one objective each but with secondary bonuses I won 4-2 – yes, you heard right, I won. My very last game of 6e and it finally came good. We both agreed it had been a great game and cleared away our models and the scenery.

So, what have I learnt from this. Focus fire and destroy your targets. If the mission uses objectives, go for them. Now some of you may think I should have sent my last rhino into John’s deployment zone to claim linebreaker, however, I’d already calculated that I should be able to squeak the win so sent him towards the centre to claim the Tournament Point bonus for having the closest model to the centre.

From here on in we’re running 7e and as I havent used any of my 3 list change allowance I could in effect play a different list for each of the remaining rounds, hmm, we’ll see. I’ll definitely be making some changes for next round – facing Jon’s Space Wolf PMC force.

However my next actual game is the Return to Vordrast mini-tournament next week. A 7e 600pt multi-battle event in a similar vein to the kill-team one we had at Easter. Should be fun.


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