The Squire’s on the case

As some of you may be aware, I work part-time at my FLGS Tabletop Tyrants, where I work on producing the foam tay inserts for their range of miniature carrying cases.

Well this week they have released the newest of their range – the Squire case – and I was lucky enough to get one on release. Now previously all my infantry minis have been stored in my ancient KR cardboard cases with cardboard trays.


The standard load for the new Squire is four infantry trays with two of the cover sheets, which is what I have plumped for. As with all of Tyrants own cases you can use their website to customise your choice of trays to what you need.

CAM00935The front piece of the case unclips easily to allow easy access to the trays, and with the four infantry ones I’ll have storage room for 144 of my chaos marines. While my KR case can hold a possible 147 it’s not as water-resistant as the plastic Squire, which is reminiscent of the document/lp cases for those of us old enough to remember when music came on vinyl discs.

CAM00937CAM00938As you can see the other down side of the cardboard tray was where mini’s might have extended parts (particularly heavy weapons or swords) so I had to cut into the intervening partition to allow them to fit, where as with the foam its a little more flexible and gives to allow the larger parts.

All in all I’d say the Squire is a good entry-level case, ideal for transporting and storing your plastic models. I would probably not use it to transport any significant weight of metal models (larger old vehicles etc) as it only has the one plastic handle (no side fittings for a carrying strap) but as 90% of the models these days are plastic this isn’t a major drawback.


2 Responses to “The Squire’s on the case”

  1. The case was tested with a weight and the handle held with no issues.
    The handle can take weights up to 10kg.

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