All Scars Return to Vordrast

BLThis weekend saw the All Scars Return to Vordrast one-day mini-tournament – originally intended as a swiss-style tournament to introduce players new to 7th Edition to the changes, but due to unforseen circumstances we were down on numbers.

Luckily our amazing vice-chairman, Edd Quick, had a cunning plan. We had seven players arrive giving us two Eldar forces, a Dark Eldar one, Space Wolves, Legion of the Damned, Tau and my own Black Legion. Following the theme of the Crusaders campaign we would form two opposing forces – in this case the Eldar and their Dark kin versus the rest, now I know Chaos isn’t normally allowed to ally with the others but for the sake of our narrative I would be so as to prevent the pointy-eared sons of hobgoblins from claiming all the goodies.

Edd had used the Tactical Objective cards to create a twelve card deck for each force, with each individual army selecting one to be their mission against their opponent each round. No other objectives were relevant. Those eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed we have an odd number of players, however Ross (the Tau player) said he would sit out the first round – so the battles began.

Round 1 match ups

Edd’s Space Wolves  v Dave’s Ulthwe Eldar

John’s Legion of the Damned v Austin’s Dark Eldar

My Black Legion v Alasdhair’s Eldar

Alasdhair had taken the capture the central objective card while I had to assassinate his warlord. His fire prism and my predator seemed intent on being dancing partners and only managed to take a hull point off each all game. My sorcerer chose to head solo across the battlefield and was duly shredded by shuriken fire before making any real dent in the eldar lines. Meanwhile my cultists sat in cover happily lobbing heavy stubber shells at the dark reapers and farseer which the eldar were able to shrug off. My marine squad moved up to deny the eldar objective but were then shot to pieces.

Round 1 results

Space Wolves beat Eldar

Eldar beat Black Legion

Dark Eldar and Legion of Damned drew

Round 2 match ups

Eldar v Legion of the Damned

Tau v Dark Eldar

Ulthwe Eldar v Black Legion

Dave’s Eldar had to capture the objective on my far left, while I just had to make sure he didn’t get unit in my deployment zone. With 4 psykers in his force the psychic phase was a mass of attempted powers and denials. I basically sat in my cover and just unloaded massed fire into his forces. There was a certain perverse pleasure of Guardians popping like chestnuts to the effects of my soul blazed weapons, though not as much as when my sorcerer hacked his shining spear warlock apart in hand to hand causing the remaining jetbikers to turn tail. Even though my sorcerer’s luck finally ran out and my cultists were shredded, Dave’s casualties were stacking up quicker, and on the very last roll of turn 5 his last sniper failed to extinguish his soul blaze and dropped barbecued. Yay my first win in 7th Edition (and not such a long wait as 6th).

Round 2 results

Eldar beat Legion of the Damned

Dark Eldar beat Tau

Black Legion beat Eldar

Tactical objective scores so far were 4-2 to the Eldarin, as mine and Dave’s game hadn’t quite finished the other four began the endgame with Legion and Tau facing the Eldarin (Dave’s Eldar and my Legion would join in on turn 5 as last-minute reinforcements).

The Endgame

By the time I joined the fray we (the non-Eldarin) were most definitely on the back foot, between us we managed to bring our objective points total to 5, capturing a couple on the last round. I even managed to toast some more Guardians in the process. Unfortunately the Eldarin had by this time brought their total up to 11, securing the game and ruins of Vordrast.


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