Riders on the Storm

BLWith the re-introduction of the psychic phase in 40k I thought it was time to look at the sorcerer’s of my SAMCRO Black Legion.

In my first game of 7e against Gary’s Dark Angels (The Last Stand) I used a bike mounted sorcerer who quite frankly became a combat monster until he was savagely riddled with shots from the Fire Raptor, though the fact that such a vehicle was sent to destroy a single character speaks volumes as to the threat he had posed.

In the Return to Vordrast mini-tournament I used a sorcerer on foot, digging out one of the old metal models I had acquired in one of the trades. He’d been pretty useless in the first battle, getting shredded by shuriken fire, but in the second battle (also against Eldar) he proved his worth.

As the All Scars tournament switches to 7e from the imminent round 3 onwards I began to look at once again mounting a sorcerer on a bike. I had received some old school chaos bikers in trading, one of which was the Doomrider character. He no longer appears in the codex but the model is fun and I thought it would make a good sorcerer.

10492603_10202886825466036_1542406005817889139_nOriginally the bike he was mounted on was an imperial build with the metal fairing and twin-linked meltas added on. I wanted to use these later so swapped him to a chaos bike that had been modified with another metal fairing though this time with the standard twin-linked bolters.

Doomrider himself is fairly unchanged, apart from swapping his right arm for a standard bolt pistol and chaos shoulder pad.

I would have liked to have given him a force staff instead but despite a trawl of the bits box I couldn’t find anything suitable.

10427993_10202886836546313_7165879069866286210_nThe previously mentioned imperial chassis remained moderately unchanged after a little repair work.

The rider also received a few repairs, re-attaching arms and a shoulder pad.

I know there is no option for twin-linked meltas anywhere in the Chaos Codex but I’m quite happy just to run him as a normal melta armed biker anyway.


10455855_10202886837946348_2675479444347857778_nThe third biker needed a few more repairs as did his bike.

The bike was missing its front fairing (I had used it on my Chaos Lord’s trike conversion) so I used the spare one from the disassembled SM attack bike that I still had to hand. Although similar there were enough differences to make the swap a bit fiddly but eventually it went where I wanted it.

The bolters were swapped out for another melta and spotlight/eye attachment.

The rider needed the torso reattaching to the legs and was missing both arms and its head. The left arm came out of the bits box (a beserkers chainsword with the khorne icon snipped off) while the right is from the attack bikes driver. The head is one of the many spares in the bits box.

Riders on the stormThis brings my bikers up to twenty-one (including characters) so time for some more base spraying I guess, then try and decide on what case I want to store/transport them and my other vehicles in.

Psychic power-wise I’ve run Biomancy and Telepathy with varying results.

The biomancer was in Pandorax game and thanks to getting some good power combo’s became a brute. Iron Arm and Warp Speed giving him +3 Str/T/I/Att as well as Smash to give him 6 initiative 7 str 9 (including his force weapon) AP2 attacks not counting the charge, and with his toughness 8 on a bike and a 3+/3++ save (Sigil of Corruption and Mark of Tzeentch). However trying the similar tactic on foot proved a waste as he was shot to hell before even reaching combat.

The telepath on foot was a little better, though this was mainly due to his force staff attacks and the use of the power granted by his wargear (The Last Memory of Yuranthos), which gave him an additional Mastery Level and a slightly modified version of the Sunburst power. Eldar guardians and rangers do crisp up nicely under soul blaze.

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