D&DEnc 18 – Dead in Thay – Session 7

news_20140310_1Well after missing a week of Encounters down at Tabletop Tyrants due to neither myself or the other DM being available, this week we had just the one table under the watchful gaze of Vipin as I was still under the weather.

I can’t  comment too deeply on what occurred but the information fed back from Vipin was:-

Annoyingly, no deaths.

They ran across the ooze master. Who could cast two spells per round, had an aura and intrinsic charm. Combat lasted 3-4 rounds and they made all but 2 of their saves.On the plus side Adam and Hannah were blind for a while.

They decide to take a short rest in the gatehouse, and since the ooze master can’t really be killed and the number of rooms they cleared (61 properly this time, 65 and 66) this probably means that the alert level goes up by 2 (I warned them this will happen if they rested outside the seclusion crypt. It was a calculated risk they decided to take).They also know about penalty to hp they take when they use the seclusion crypt.

We decided that Adam used the Immortal Caves Glyph key your group had to join my group. Also that Patrick will at some point deliver a spawning pools (also ooze grotto) to your group at some point before coming back to our group.

Hopefully myself and the other players will be back tableside next week for more shenanigans.


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