AllScars 2014 Tournament Rnd 3 – v’s Space Wolves PMC

BLSo game day arrived and I headed down to Tabletop Tyrants to face Jon’s Space Wolves PMC force.

We rolled off to choose table ends, which I won and decided to take the window end. Rolling for  who would deploy first I won again and decided to let Jon deploy first.

CAM00948His force set up mostly as far forward as they could, with his Long Fangs in one ruin and a grey hunter unit with dreadnought support in the opposite – both also contained objectives. He had a landspeeder and his wolf lords unit (armed with plasma pistols) held in reserve.

CAM00949My forces set up further back. One unit of marines in the three-tier ruin, the other in the centre crater, both their Rhinos sat close by. My predator and vindicator sat with one rhino while my cultists took point in another crater. My two bike units (one led by the lord the other by the sorcerer) were also hanging back. In reserve was my heldrake.

CAM00950The opening round didn’t have much effect other than Jon thinning the ranks of my cultists and advancing his thunderwolves into nearer cover. His dreadnought took out one of the rhino’s but his expected joy at taking its passengers out disappeared as he realised it was empty. My response was to move my remaining vehicles and bikes up. The vindicator clipped the thunderwolves taking one out and setting the remainder ablaze (Jon was quickly going to grow to hate Soul Blaze), amazingly the unit failed its morale check and retreated. My sorcerer managed to Enfeeble his blood claw bikers making it a little easier to begin shooting them up which also resulted in Soul Blaze (this unit remained on fire all game!).

CAM00952Jon’s reserves were both available, his Lord and unit using outflank to come on behind my sorcerer but he tried to deep strike the landspeeder behind my predator, only to scatter off the table. Rolling on the mishap chart he got a unit destroyed – oops. The Lords unit ignored the sorcerer to unload a volley at my lords unit scoring seven plasma gun hits. Thanks to the Look Out Sir rule his unit sold their corrupted souls in order to save him. His burning bikers charged forward into both my sorcerers unit and the remaining cultists, where the sorcerer challenged the wolf priest.

In my turn the heldrake failed to come on. In the psychic phase I managed to empower my force staff and set off a Sunburst which killed a member of the wolf lords unit and (you guessed it) set them on fire. My lord took his bike round the ruin and after firing into them charged in to challenge the wolf lord in combat.

CAM00953 Despite being reduced to one wound the chaos sorcerer continues battling the blood claw bikers, the cultists having already fled. (reduced to four men they needed double-ones to rally, the dice rolled and came up a one and a five, rolling to see how far they ran and don’t you just know it – double-ones!).

CAM00954The wolf lord managed to reduce my Lord to one wound before I finally decided to use the Hand of Darkness and tear him apart, causing his remaining retinue to retreat towards my sorcerer.

CAM00955Two of Jon’s Grey Hunter units swarm the central objective, too juicy a target for my heldrake to pass up having already tasted blood as it vector struck the thunderwolves. Belching its Baleflamer it managed to take out members from both units – and set both on fire (by now Jon was really loathing the phrase Soul Blaze). His units tried to take the heldrake out but only managed to reduce it to its last hull point.

CAM00956Before my lord can move up and assist the sorcerer against the blood claws, Jon’s Long Fangs take him out with krak missiles. In the combat phase the bikers finally destroy the stubborn sorcerer.

CAM00957Jon moves on to finally destroy my vindicator and then assaults the predator with his remaining thunderwolf and thunder hammer armed lone wolf.

My heldrake flew on to try and burn the pesky Long Fangs in retribution for the loss of the warlord but the pesky wolf guard leading the unit was protected by his storm shield. The last thunderwolf finally fell to fire from the marine squad in the ruin but the lone wolf still destroyed the predator.

CAM00958The lone wolf prepares to charge the marines, easily surviving the overwatch fire before being challenged by the aspiring champion, who promptly got smushed under the thunder hammer.

CAM00959CAM00960CAM00961CAM00962Jon’s forces controlled four of the objectives and despite the heldrake vector striking his predator and causing it to explode this meant I was out of position to belch flame on the unit occupying the ruins. The demonic beast’s luck finally ran out as the dreadnought took advantage of the objective being a skyfire nexus and shot it out of the sky.

The game ran for the full seven turns with Jon finally destroying my last marines in combat with his lone wolf and claiming the fifth objective.

Final score was 8-1 in victory points which translated to 36-3 Tournament points in Jon’s favour, but as usual I had really enjoyed the game so a loss wasn’t too bad.

In hindsight perhaps I should have chosen to go first and set up closer to get my bike units in combat with the Grey Hunters earlier but with Space Wolves having counter strike I don’t think it would have made a major difference.

Next round (in three weeks time) sees me taking on Alasdhair’s eldar. This will take some serious thought on my list but as I still the chance to change twice in the final two rounds I can field a different force each time.


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