I feel the power of the warp overtaking me..

BLWith the switch over to 7th edition I have decided to fully embrace the psychic phase of our game of toy soldiers.

I’ve already got my pair of sorcerer’s in power armour on foot, and now I have my converted sorcerer on his bike.

However I still had a model I got for Christmas sat in its pack doing nothing – a sorcerer in terminator armour (I actually have 3 of these, the new one, an old one and another gained in trade that needs stripping – which I am passing on to another player from the club).


Digging through the bits box I still had the sorcerer arm holding staff from the plastic chaos lord terminator kit so decided to use it on this model.

BL-term-sorcererAs it comes with two options of arms I’ll be using the remaining combi-weapon and force sword arms on the older body.

This would give me 5 sorcerers plus Ahriman, not a bad selection to work with – for now.

While I was dipping in to my collection of terminators I felt the urge to paint one of my older minis.

I chose one of the very old models I had rebased on a 40mm one, armed with combi-melta and power sword that was already base sprayed and my usual colour scheme of Leadbelcher/Screaming Bell/Mephiston Red. I added a little blue-grey to the original slotta-base as all that black needed breaking up and I had done similar on my original infantry bases.

BL-termie-2 BL-termie-3 BL-termie-4 BL-termie-1

This brings the army totals up to 4 needing assembling, 149 unpainted, 40 need stripping, 96 base painted, and 36 painted.

Still a way to go.

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