D&DEnc 18 – Dead in Thay – Session 8

news_20140310_1This week down at Tabletop Tyrants we only had the one table as my group couldn’t make it for various reasons (work, illness, etc) so I had the opportunity to sit in on Vipin’s game as a player.

I decided to run a tiefling spellcaster that I had used in another game and after a discussion with Vipin we decided I was working in the room the party were about to enter alongside the Red Wizard there, but I was a member of the Resistance.

The room in question was the one with the nutcase wizard imbuing oozes with intelligence. Vipin described her as looking similar to Emma Thompson’s character from Harry Potter (Professor Trelawny) and the name stuck for the rest of the encounter.

Once the heroes entered the wights attacked and I tried to gain mental control of the wizard but failed. During the fight a gelatinous cube emerged close to the monk who had a strange obsession with wanting to be engulfed so as to fight from the inside, well he got his wish.

The half-orc fighter concentrated bowfire on the wizard while the elf ranger traded blows with a wight. I skipped over the troughs of ichor to get to the wizard but failed to land a blow, only to have a ochre jelly crawl out behind me and attack, to which I responded with a reaction that fried it to ash.

The wights used Misty Step to retreat and use their ranged attacks on the party as a small black pudding slithered out. I managed to finally drop the nutty wizard as the ranger danced over and sliced the monk free.

As I was still in my robes as a Red Wizard I commanded the wights to return to their duties and get the oozes back under control (backed up by a good persuasion roll) and they grudgingly did while we searched through the wizards private chamber.

After that we retreated back to the Gatehouse for short rest before using one of the glyph keys to enter the Temple of Nature.

Here we found another Red Wizard and wight, with an orc suspended in a golden glow on a dias behind them. The wizard challenged why we were there and I quickly said we had brought another chosen (gesturing to the half-orc) adding “let me show you what she can do” as Hannah prepared to charge in.

Thankfully I just beat her on the initiative roll and blasted off a Fireball, both the wizard and wight survived (though barely) but the orc in the glow wasnt so lucky.

The wizard managed to rush past all of us and escape but the wight was brought down by our ranger. Approaching the dias it had an aura that threw the monk backwards but the rest of us made it and realised it was being used to siphon the divine energy from the Chosen for the phylacteries. Between us we disrupted the magical effect, the restraining pillars and the carved runes. During this we realised that it was using the black gates to channel the energy and after a couple of attempts we were able to disable the gate.

Gathering our belongings we headed out of the north door…..

Wow that was great fun. Thankfully my character didn’t overshadow the regular pc’s. As Richard and Hannah are going to miss for a couple of weeks (due to getting married this weekend and going on honeymoon – congrats again guys) it will probably just be my table (if enough bodies are available) and we have agreed that my character has returned to the gatehouse to pass on the findings about the chosen while Adam’s ranger will rejoin the other party to do the same.

With the release of the Basic D&D rules pdf now on wizards.com we have agreed to stick with the playtest packet we have been using until the end of this season (only 5 weeks left).

It’s all heading for a climactic season/playtest finale 🙂


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