D&DEnc 18 – Dead in Thay – Session 9

news_20140310_1Just one table again this week down at Tabletop Tyrants, though this time I was back in the DM seat and as his group were unavailable Vipin joined us with his half-elf barbarian.

Adam’s ranger rejoined the others in the corridor between the Pale Garden and the Dreaming Garden, and once he convinced them to use one of the remove curse scrolls they had acquired and had his voice restored, he was able to relay the findings from the other group regarding the draining of the Chosen and the need to disrupt the process.

The group advanced into the Dreaming Garden to see a red wizard lounging on his literal garden furniture with two armoured figures before him and a group of shabbily robed figures around them. A couple of them noticed a black winged shape drop the lifeless form of a slave to the floor before flying up to the ceiling.

As the shabby robed figures shuffled forward the party skirted clockwise around the room but were pulled up a little short as Patrick and Heather suddenly fell asleep due to the soporific musk of the flowers in the room. Adam and Vipin picked them up and continued on until one of the armoured figures blocked their path demanding they explain their presence. They realised the red wizard was speaking through the obviously undead figure.

When they tried to say they were bringing sacrifices to the Undying Laboratory the wizard said the sacrifices could be left here, for his pet. At this point the black creature dropped from the ceiling behind the heroes. Vipin (still carrying a sleeping Patrick) leapt over one of the flowerbeds, dumped patrick on the floor and threw a bottle of Alchemists Fire at the wizard, igniting him and some his topiary furniture. Oliver blasted a fireball to add to the conflagration before being engaged by the undead warrior. Adam faced off with the black creature.

During the fight both Patrick and Heather eventually woke up and joined their allies, but despite having 2 rangers, a druid and the multiclassed cleric/bard/druid/mage no-one could actually identify the black creature correctly – not even when it spat a stream of acid over Adam.

The shambling figures joined the fray, revealed as zombies, along with the  other undead warrior and the heroes, despite having dealt with the red wizard (he failed his saves against the fiery attacks and died the next round), were soon hard pressed and had to use a lot of their healing magic before they finally won out.

The fight between Vipin and the wight was particularly funny as it quickly devolved into a series of innuendo’s regards Vipin being a dungeon trying to grasp Mt Grey’s weapon before thrusting it back into him – Adam joining the fight with the comment of “I’ll help finish him off” was met with more hilarity.

Eventually the battered and bruised heroes were able to gather their loot, though as most had been on the wizard or in his topiary furniture I decided to see if it had survived the fiery doom that claimed the former owner. They lost out on the scrolls but everything else survived, along with the two undead warriors weapons (a +1 battleaxe, and a longsword that while held could detect living beings within 30 foot even if hidden or invisible). Gathering their gear the ran through to the Undying Laboratory and used the gate to return to the Seclusion Crypt and rest up, planning on heading to the Temples of Turmoil next session.

The only dampener on the session was when we realised that Oliver’s multiclass caster’s spells were incorrect due to a confusion on level 3 spells not being available at character level 3. But after the session we went through build to clarify it and the pc’s now have the opportunity to level up to 8th level so they can make any necessary alterations.


2 Responses to “D&DEnc 18 – Dead in Thay – Session 9”

  1. That is funny, my Encounters players also had the exact same confusion regarding level 3 spells. It was surprisingly difficult to get them to understand that spell levels do not match character levels in progression.

    • I think the 4e powers contributed to this as they were directly tied to pc levels, but thankfully after a little going through the mixture of classes it was cleared up.

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