D&DEnc 18 – Dead in Thay – Session 10

news_20140310_1So on our penultimate session of the season we were very thin on the ground down at Tabletop Tyrants. But as people had put themselves out to come down we ran with reduced numbers anyway and had a blast.

The heroes had already planned to head from the Seclusion Crypt to the Temple of Fortune. Appearing through the black gate they recognised the halfling Curran from Daggerford and set about freeing him from the wizard, flesh golem and wight in the room.

By the end of the fight they had captured the wizard (he had a broken arm and was manacled and gagged), destroyed the wight and forced the golem to be ordered to stand down (prior to gagging the wizard).

Between them they disable the dias and rescued Curran then as they had taken quite a beating returned to the gatehouse and the seclusion crypt to rest up once again before returning to the room and heading to the next chamber – The Temple of Savagery.

They focussed their attacks on the particularly sneery Red Wizardess, taking her out reasonably easily before the Dread warriors assaulted them. The particular effect of the room didn’t have a major issue with such a small party but I could see it providing major amusement with a large group especially if they clump together.

Once they defeated the warriors they freed the trapped Chosen, realising the female figure was a wight (and undead Rilsa Rael from Baldur’s Gate) as she spat curses of Bhaal at them and attacked. They knocked her unconscious before taking her back to the gatehouse too.

When they arrived they were told that Kelson and Jekk had led a force to the Abyssal Prison to free Shalindra, and that was where we left it, ready to head into the finale next week with hopefully a few more bodies. Unfortunately it’s that time of the year, good weather, the holiday period, combined with a couple of our regulars starting new jobs and another pair being off on their well-deserved honeymoon.

We’re planning on taking a short break before starting the new season in August and using the finalised rule set.


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