D&D Enc Lost Mine of Phandelver session 1-2

PhandelverIn the run up to starting the Hoard of the Dragon Queen down at Tabletop Tyrants, and following the success of the taster session, our group decided they wanted to play through some of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure.

As the players that have joined following the taster also have other gaming commitments I decided to run their table on a fortnightly basis but as a double session each week (a brave task as I have also just started a new full-time job so shall be working all day then heading directly to D&D for a further 4 hours!).

So our opening session this week I had four players:

  • Jon – elf mage (evoker)
  • Jack – elf fighter (archer)
  • Lee – elf rogue (thief)
  • Patrick – human fighter (great weapon)

Even though Jon and Lee had played the opening chapter at the taster both were able to not meta-game and we played through the whole first chapter. Jon has blogged the session from his character’s point of view, so I wont repeat it all here.

Highlights of the evening for me included all but the mage falling down the scree slope into the stream; Patrick getting cut down by a volley of goblin arrows only to roll a natural 20 and get back up, use his second wind to fully heal (rolled a 10) and then butcher one of the shocked goblins; the bugbear Klarg blasting Patrick into oblivion, then knocking Jon and Jack and Sildar out of action before going toe-to-toe with Lee’s thief and it coming down to who could deal the last blow (it was Lee luckily); Jack’s make or break death save (having already failed and passed two of each it was a deciding roll).

It was a brilliant session and although Jack and Lee were thinking of changing race/class combo’s once the Players Handbook gets released (just before our next session) they have now gained a deep liking for their little elflings.

I did feel kind of rotten killing Patrick on week one but he agreed in hindsight charging in to tackle the wolf when they had been pre-warned about the bugbear and only being on four hit points maybe wasnt the greatest plan. Well you live and learn, well, learn at any rate (ha ha).

Looking forward to the next session, I’ve now ran the opening chapter three times and want the characters to develop as they uncover the ins and outs of the new edition and the village of Phandalin.


5 Responses to “D&D Enc Lost Mine of Phandelver session 1-2”

  1. steeplejackuk Says:

    Wow sounds like a thrilling opening chapter Mik, it shows how swingy the characters chances of survival can be at these lower levels. This can be both exciting and frustrating depending on your player and the manner of their death I guess. I imagine at higher levels this isn’t quite the case where magic and greater healing resources will prevail. Part of me loves that fragility, which is often lacking at higher levels, making it harder to meaningfully threaten players (always the challenge of 4e) without overdoing it. But we’ll have to see how this plays out when we get there. So when are you picking up a copy of the PHB? And how is the job going?

    Thanks for the write up, always enjoy reading.

    • Someone said our store might have them today so I might possibly have it this afternoon.
      Jobs going great thanks, who’d have thought there’d be that much need for replacement parts on toy cars πŸ™‚

      • steeplejackuk Says:

        Excellent, I know someone who collects toy cars, loads of them. I guess if its something valuable enough to collect, and show – then when it gets damaged keeping them in spotless nick must also be important.

      • Yep, wish I’d kept some of the ones I had as a child.

  2. Sounds like a really epic showdown. I look forward to the continued chronicles of the table. For our table, Adam said he would complete a write up at some point, so that should be entertaining πŸ˜€

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