All Scars Tounament 2014 – rnd 5 v Tyranids

BLThis weekend saw the fifth and final round of the All Scars 2014 40K tournament, and I was facing the tyranid menace of Christian. Now I hadn’t faced tyranids since the days of 2nd edition and the old Dark Millenium set of psychic powers. I remembered that they were brutal in assault but no slouches with some heavy firepower too.

I decided to keep a very similar list to my round 4 game, swapping out the warpsmith for a terminator sorceror to lead the force and all the heavy weapons for autocannons.

Mine and my opponents lists are on the All Scars tournament page so I won’t repeat them here.

CAM01096 CAM01097 CAM01098CAM01100 CAM01099 CAM01101

Well I won the roll for deployment and chose to go first, setting the majority of my forces up behind my aegis line on my right hand corner and the cultists in cover close to the left hand objective. The objective in front of the havocs and sorceror came up as #4 granting them rerolls on shoot rolls of 1, while the objective near the cultists was a #1 and they backed away once it began ticking!

I also chose to go first and Christian failed to seize the initiative. My opening volleys reduced his warlord tyrant to a single wound along with wounding a few more of his larger beasts, thankfully they both decided to fly off rather than risk a follow-up from my heldrake which turned up on cue in round 2.

For the first few rounds it looked like it was going my way with a venomthrope buying the farm and the termagent spewer reaching its limit on first spawn. Even my cultists managed to wound it as it began its ponderous approach. However then the dice gods turned their backs on me, my heldrake had a perfectly lined shot at a trio of warriors but as ou can see in the photo’s failed to wound a single one.

One of my defilers about-faced to assault a grounded tyrant once it had returned only to be wrecked by its overwatch (I had forgotten to give the deffies a dirge caster each, doh!). A tyranid psychic power reduced the havocs to drooling morons allowing the bio beasts to basically ignore their wildly inaccurate shooting and get way too close for comfort.

It wasnt all doom and gloom as I managed to blow a carnifex and the ‘gant spawner away but at the end of round 5 Christian had slaughtered everything but my heldrake who was circling the battlefield, but with no ground troops remaining it decided to fly off into the sunset.

It had been a fun and interesting battle with both of us having some terrible and by turn truly inspired rolls, Christian is a great opponent and always happy to explain what his gribbly monsters can do (by the way, it usually ends up as munching on your biomass).

Our fearless leader Gary had his laptop to hand to tally the results as they emerged and we all gathered for the presentations. I finished a respectable (for me) 16/20 which, with my first win under my belt, I was happy with. The fair-play award was a tie between Ash and Lee, both great guys and richly deserved. The overall tournament winner was Paul (my first round opponent) a true master of the gun line tactic with a well thought out and executed army (which I don’t think was changed at all during the tournament – though I may be mistaken).

Another of our players has been clearing is extensive hoard of plastic toys, and I happily took a part built extended Storm Raven off his hands (complete with all the extras to complete it) which I intend to finish as a Chaos Storm Eagle (hopefully will show this in a (much) later post.

So,  next up for me on the All Scars front will be the doubles tournament, in which I’m teaming up with Simon and his Orks in a mad bikers force at the beginning of September. We’ll see how it goes.

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