Lets get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E!!

BLNext up for the All Scars is our Doubles Tournament and I shall be teaming up with fellow petrol-head Simon and his orks who are almost as bike mad as my SAMCRO warband.

We have often commented between ourselves as to whose bikes are better and who’d got the most, so Simon suggested we have a bikers rumble to decide which of our respective warlords would be the overlord for our team-up.

We both thought we could make around 1,200 points and so this afternoon the air was rent with the high-octane roar and chemically enhanced fumes of our engines kicking to life.

I decided to split my forces by 3, with my usual nurgle marked lord leading a unit of nurgle bikers, a tzeentch sorceror leading a tzeentch unit and for a first time trial a slaanesh sorceror leading a slaaneshi unit. Each of the bike units had champions with power mauls, 2 meltaguns, and 3 boltgunners.

We agreed to play one of the Maelstrom missions as practice for the Doubles, and rolled a 6 giving us “Deadlock”. We also agreed to only use 4 objectives and minimal scenery (Hidings for gits as the orks would say), if we drew any tactical cards for objectives that couldn’t be achieved (ie taking out vehicles/flyers etc, or for objectives 5 and 6) we could discard and redraw (This is one of the major factors amongst the All Scars players – a sensible approach to the game to make it fun for everyone). After traits and psychic powers were allocated Simon won the roll off for deployment and went first.


I failed to seize the initiative and Simon opened with his deffkoptas (basically ork jetbikes) turboing past me to claim an early objective card, Simon knew they would most likely get hammered but it felt orky.

In my first round I destroyed 3 out of the 4 koptas by psychic and shooting before finishing the fourth off in assault. Rather than be disheartened the orks appear to be  energised by the carnage and begin to close.


Remembering the old adage “‘Tis better to assault than be assaulted” my Tzeentch unit surged forward opening up with gun fire and psychic assault before weathering the orks overwatch and closing into combat. This is where the sorceror proved his worth (and would continue to do so throughout the game). The orks break but rolling on their special chart the nob finds his bravery by smacking his sole remaining squad member (It’s your fault we lost!) and killing him.


CAM01122 CAM01124

Simon’s remaining 2 units assault mine, with mixed results. His warboss and nob bikers obliterate the slaaneshi unit at the cost of the nobs (leaving him a unit of independent characters – not to be sneezed at). His other unit assault in to my nurgle unit where my warboss challenges the nob and takes a hammer of wrath hit for his trouble. However the Chaos Lord proves how brutal he can be by smashing the nob with his power maul into a pulp. Most of the squad fares as well and the orks break, only to be cut down as they flee.

The character squad charge into my warlords unit and the only overwatch shots that hit are my meltaguns.

CAM01128Unfortunately this is the end of the units luck and they too are added to the growing pile of casualties (though Simon’s own pile is growing too).

CAM01125 CAM01126

As we near the end of the game Simon splits one of his characters off to claim an objective while the other three head towards my remaining unit that has claimed objective 3 in the ork deployment zone – if it all ends we’ll both get linebreaker.

Then the dice gods turn their fickle attentions to Simon. He gets a card that scores him a point if he completes a charge of 11 inches or more and so his painboy, mek and warboss charge me – well try to. The painboy and mek make it unscathed but the warboss fails to make the distance and sits there to see my bikers tear his riders apart (thanks once again to the sorceror and his amped up abilities).

With a lack lustre shooting phase I decide to take the fight to the warboss and charge forward, my sorceror bellowing a challenge. Again he was bumped up with Iron Arm and his activated Force staff and his strength 9 Ap 2 attacks prove just that little too much for him. My unit consolidates back into the ork deployment zone just in case the game ends (this was turn 6) which proved lucky as our friend Patrick rolled for us and the game did indeed end.

Final score was 15-11 to my chaos forces but it was a great close game. It has given us both a good idea of the strengths and tactics that will prove useful in our team and more importantly – another tick in my win column!

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