All Scars Doubles mini-tournament 2014

B_L_Chaos_biker Speed_Freak_Warbike

This weekend saw the All Scars gathering for our first Doubles event, though through attendee attrition it became more of a mini-tournament with 6 pairs of warlords taking to the field to prove their worth.

As I mentioned previously, I was teaming up with our resident greenskin for a biker only force – maybe not the most competitive list we could have put out but certainly a strongly themed one, consisting of units from our last rumble to determine our pecking order.

With the revised fixtures on the day our first game would be against a team of Space Wolves and Tau commanded by Edd and Ross. Both of us had suffered under the guns of Ross’s Tau but this would be my first time facing Edd across the battlefield.

Ina very un-biker like fashion we spent the first 3 turns skulking around the terrain to limit giving away points to the foes but in turn 3 they finally scored first blood and we decided to just go for it.

To our horror, one of Simon’s ork bike mobs rode over terrain to get into assault on a crisis suit team, getting reduced to a single man by the end of overwatch and then getting taken out in hand to hand by the tau before even landing a blow!

A brief spark of light in the dark came as my remaining unit assaulted another crisis team containing the tau commander and my sorceror (who had proved a worse wizard than Rincewind and Ron Weasley combined up to now) took the space-smurf out in a frenzy of force staff blows.

At the end of 5 rounds it was 12-10 to the Wolves/Tau and we prepared to fare better in our next game.

This came in the form of a strange team up of Demons and Blood Angels (fielded by John C and John S), the demons had a bloodthirster and I rather selfishly commanded my ork ally to “take him down” while I faced the hated Sons of Sanguinous who had even dared to bring a trio of bikes – the damn cheek of it!

Again my sorceror proved as adept a caster as a squashed slug but he led his unit into a glorious combat firstly against their vindicare assassin and then at the Blood Angel captain.

The orks held the bloodthirster up temporarily but eventually they were left as just more skulls for the throne of Khorne and the demon came after my warlord.

Unfortunately time was the enemy of all of us and we had to call it once we had all completed our 4th turns with the result standing at 7-7 – my first draw in 40k ever.

Edd tallied the results and I’m happy to say we did not finish last (thanks to eeking the draw), though we were just above it. The battle for the top spot had been decided on the table next to us as Edd/Ross faced off against the team of our last two tourney champions Paul and Andrew! But by the will of the fickle dice gods the Wolves/Tau stole the win.

It had been a fun day, as always, made even more entertaining with the banter amongst all the players throughout.

Next up is the first round of our Ryder Cup – the fours, which is the only round I’m participating in, unsurprisingly on the side of the dark forces with my Black Legion.

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