All Scars Battle Royale 2014

BLToday saw the return of the our inaugural event – the All Scars Battle Royale down at Tabletop Tyrants.

600pt forces, maximum of 1 HQ, 1 EL, 1 FA, 2 TR, 1 HS, Forge World was allowed but no super heavies. Multiple opponents per table and playing a randomly determined Maelstrom mission.

I had intended on taking my usual biker based force but had a sudden desire to go “filthy” and wrote a list up of my Spartan with a 14 man CSM unit kitted for assault. Then I had another idea, this is what I took.

1 squad of 11 cultists with autoguns (1 with heavy stubber).

1 squad of 12 CSM including champion with power sword, a flamer, a meltagun, all with ccw.

1 Chaos Storm Eagle with tl-heavy bolters, 2 tl-lascannons, vengeance missiles, dirge caster, and warpflame gargoyles.

With terrible traffic and weather delaying a couple of the players I was placed on a table facing Tyranids, Nurgle daemons, and Necrons. The mission was “Steal the Loot” and we each placed a single objective marker (I think we all had them pretty much in our deployments, mine was on the top of the bastion with my cultists around it). I had my CSM mounted in the Eagle and held in reserve, riskier than I imagined as it turned out.

My objective marker turned out to be a targeting rely, handy considering my cultists terrible shooting ability. Though I didn’t get to use it for long, losing a couple of men to gauss fire from the Necrons and more to the approaching Nid termagant and tervigon. The losses made the remaining cultists flee the safety of the bastion, narrowly avoiding running off the play area totally – all before the Eagle had even arrived.

Luckily the Eagle turned up on my turn 3 just as the cultists were shredded by more Necron fire, I avenged them by taking down a deathglider (I don’t know what they’re really called but they look like Goa’uld deathgliders to me).

Turn 4 saw the Eagle come under fire but a successful jink meant no damage taken while the other three forces slogged it out over my former bastion. Unfortunately this meant that my firing was abysmal despite everything being twin linked.

Due to the time we all agreed to cut it after Turn 5, I knew I couldn’t win (being about 10 points behind the leader) and was ready to just zoom off the table when one of my opponents reminded me that I could drop to hover mode and disembark my troops. So I did, but rather than take out the nearby tyranid warriors and stop them claiming one of the objectives I wanted to take down the Nids other big beastie.

I fired the Eagle’s bolters and lascannons, scoring a single las hit that was saved, then the squad opened up. The flamer and meltagun failed to wound, then it was the 10 bolters all in rapid fire range, 20 shots, 15 hits …….. 1 fecking wound, and even that got saved.

As I was last in the turn order this ended the game – final score for our table was (if I remember rightly) Nids 14, Nurgle 10, Necrons 7, and me 4. Bottom on our table but 2 other players on the other tables fared worse than me so not bottom overall.

In hindsight I should have taken a more balanced list geared towards taking objectives, especially as the Tactical Objective cards have at least 3 cards to secure each numbered objective available. With regards to the game itself I should have deployed the CSM squad as well and left the Eagle unloaded (or even put the cultists inside it) but the game was fun anyway, and we all had a blast which at the end of the day is whats important.

Next up for the All Scars is the first round of the Vordrast Incursion, and I shall be facing one of our newer members Matt with his Space Wolves in a 1500 pt battle. It should be another good game.

In the meantime I’m continuing with the conversions of my Chaos Storm Eagle and Chaos Knight and hope to have a post about those soon. I’ve also recently acquired a Skyshield Pad and Bastion kit so will be looking at turning those into suitably chaotic versions.

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