D&D Enc Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 5-6

DnD_HOD_300x300We continued our double session this fortnight down at Tabletop Tyrants, with the party approaching the cultists camp.

Sarah’s rogue scouted ahead, getting the rough lay of the land and easily dodging the kobold patrols. When she returned to tell everyone else they took a little time to organise their plans, though when they saw a group of rough-looking adventurer types sauntering into the camp unhindered they decided to try and blag their way in while Sarah once again stealthed around to the rear to get closer to a bound prisoner.

They had a couple of close calls with almost being recognised, but managed to move relatively freely around the camp and gathered most of the information available before deciding that they couldn’t risk trying to free the prisoner and headed back out of the camp under the guise of a hunting trip.

At this point one of the kobolds recognised Jack’s fighter as the one that Cyanwrath had butchered at Greenest and caused a commotion that began to attract a lot of attention. Luckily Lee’s paladin was able to convince all but the one kobold that it was mistaken “he robbed the gear of the corpse, all humans look-alike anyhow” but when the annoying kobold continued to call out Lee just back-handed it across the snout (rolling a crit!) and knocking it senseless, much to the amusement of its comrades.

With this unplanned distraction Sarah sneaked forward and freed the prisoner (they assumed it was the monk they had been asked to look for as he matched the description. After a struggle to start she was able to assist the weakened monk back up the cliff face and finally lead him around the plateaux to the rest of the party and they escorted him back to Greenest.

We took a quick break while the players were able to level up their characters before continuing with chapter 3.

Returning to the camp they were amazed to find that most of the cultists and kobolds had gone! Only a small group of humans remained and the heroes managed to blag their way in as returning hunters (they had brought a slaughtered cow from Greenest with them). They noticed that the cave entrance guards had moved into the cave itself and were partly concealed. Patrick sent his familiar, a sprite, in to investigate and although trying to be stealthy it rolled abysmally –  I rolled for the guards perception and they spotted the diminutive figure easily, ambushing it and obliterating him (it was only then that Patrick realised the sprite could have used its invisibility!).

Meanwhile the heroes were preparing to share food with the remaining handful of humans and Sarah had been despatched to gather some poo from the abandoned latrines to slip into the pot and try to poison them with it. While she was collecting her sample an ambush drake began stalking up to her but Daniel and Jack spotted it and the rest of the party were able to intercept it before it got to her. She managed to slip the extra ingredient in un-noticed but only one of the humans showed signs of feeling ill. Thankfully they began passing around several jugs of alcohol and were too intent on getting hammered to pay attention to the heroes.

Returning to the cave Patrick (having summoned another sprite) remembered to use its invisibility and sent the little helper in. It saw the pair of guards were now accompanied by a trio of armoured fighters and a handful of cultists deeper in the entrance. It also saw that the main tunnel continued down a staircase into further chambers, and then noticed a hidden narrow tunnel on the opposite side. It headed that way but the tunnel forked and was too dark to see any further.

Patrick recalled the sprite and the heroes prepared to enter the cave. Jack threw a torch in (being human he didn’t want to fight the dark) and that seemed to trigger the cultist into action. They surged forward and blocked the entrance, stabbing at the nearest heroes as they did.

The armoured guys and the dragonclaw guards eventually joined the melee at the entrance, the dragonclaws taking advantage of their pack tactics – although the heroes eventually overcame them Daniel was dropped unconscious (raised back by Jon’s healing magic) and Sarah was also stabbed almost to death.

The heroes moved into the cave properly and saw that the stairs led into a lower chamber that housed several groups of fungi with two distinct paths leading through them.

And that was where we had to leave it as time had unfortunately beaten us. Will the heroes venture further into the “nursery”? What has happened to Daniel’s beloved pony Sandal? Just how drunk are those humans?

All these questions and more will (maybe) be answered next time……


5 Responses to “D&D Enc Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 5-6”

  1. Enjoyed reading the summary. Which playing character has been the MVP for this campaign so far?

  2. richgreen01 Says:

    Enjoying your write-ups, Mik! This adventure has come in for a fair bit of criticism but looks like your group are having a lot of fun 🙂

    • The adventure itself is good fun, my only criticism is how its been converted to Encounters. Mainly the opening chapter, its brutality could effectively put new players off and the xp cap seems unnecessary when they limit levelling up to the end of the chapter anyway.

      • richgreen01 Says:

        Cheers Mik. I’m probably going to run it when my 4e campaign finishes up in the new year.

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