All Scars painting challenge – 58 days to go.

B_L_Chaos_bikerWell buoyed by the great comraderie of my fellow All Scars I was actually eager to do some more painting this weekend.


I finished the second bike (with vehicle mounted plasma gun, though I usually play it as a melta) with its Agrax wash, before turning to its rider. Having already set the scheme I wanted to use on the first model this went much quicker and I found that while I was waiting for it to dry I had the urge to keep going….

…so I decided to tackle the squad leader and his ride. Just a few differences to make him stand out a little more – mainly on the bike itself. With its fairing mounted sword and sheath and pannier mounted trophy spike being the obvious differences I also changed the colour of the chaos badge on the fuel tank to gold rather than the usual silver (well, leadbelcher).

The marine helmet on the spike has been done in a basic grey  colour scheme, but following a conversation with a fellow All Scar I’m tempted to re-paint it in Salamander green in honour of the bike unit taking out said salamanders in our first Kill Team event.

Either way I now have 3 finished models out of the 12. 121 points out of my 785 total.

Bike 2 and Champion completed

Bike 2 and Champion completed

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