D&D Enc Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 7-8

DnD_HOD_300x300This week down at Tabletop Tyrants are intrepid heroes continue to explore the “Nursery” at the Cult of the Dragon’s camp.

Nursery sess 5-6With the entrance clear of guards the party had the choice of the narrow tunnel of the lower chamber that was filled with fungi. Sarah’s rogue stealthily made her way ahead as Daniel chose to jump off the ledge onto the fungi below. Not to let an elf out do a dwarf in a tunnel Jon’s cleric made his way down the steps only to have them collapse under him, dropping him into a patch of violet fungi. The assembled heroes quickly moved out of the fungi’s reach and then continued up the other (clearer) path through the inanimate mushrooms.

in the next part of the chamber they realised that they were not alone, a colony of bats resided on the ceiling, unfortunately they made too much noise and disturbed the colony. As the bats flew around them in an agitated state three of the party were struck by something a little larger. Whatever it was bounced harmlessly off the armoured forms of the paladin and cleric but the third latched on to the rogue – a stirge! Jon was able to use Thaumaturgy to create a noise of sufficient pitch to attract the bats, leaving the stirges without the advantage of hiding within the swarm and they were quickly despatched.

Wanting to move on before the bats returned (and possibly more stirges) they headed north and despite the rogue assuring them the path was safe, Jack and Ross both ran afoul of a clever spike trap but thankfully neither succumbed to the poison it was laced with. In the chamber beyond Sarah found a quartet of kobolds as well as another – with wings!

As the heroes slaughtered the kobolds (including the flying one) they observed movement in the lower part of the chamber. Lee’s paladin tossed a kobold corpse in and before t even hit the floor a pair a large guard drakes raced out ripped it apart. The heroes tossed all but one of the remaining kobolds in, the last one they dropped over the spike traps (its legs twitched comically as they walked safely over it).

Following the stairs leading down from the chamber they came to a landing and Patrick sent his sprite to investigate the adjoining chamber. Unfortunately he continued to have atrocious luck on his stealth rolls and the kobolds in the chamber spotted the little fey, quickly hacking it apart, but not before Patrick was able to discern their numbers and relay that  information to his allies.

The party decided to have the armoured warriors form a wall of steel across the chamber so as to limit the kobolds pack advantage. This worked to a degree , until the half-dozen flying ones bypassed them and dropped rocks on the rogue, warlock and cleric at the rear. Despite the airstrikes effectiveness the result was inevitable, even when the last flying kobold tried to flee down the next set of stairs he was blasted with an eldritch bolt the ended his miserable life.

The heroes searched the chamber, discovering a small stash of coins the kobolds had collected. Having taken a pretty severe beating so far the party decided to risk taking a rest here, they were lucky and despite hearing the sounds of chanted prayers to Tiamat floating up the stairs they were undisturbed.

Once they were ready to proceed, Sarah once again sneaked ahead discovering the chamber to hold three beefy looking cultists and the blue half-dragon that had led the assault on Greenest. Reporting this to the others they decided to try the steel wall plan again – but once again Patrick’s stealth let him down as he attempted to get close enough to use a Shatter spell on the enemies.

Instead he found himself the victim of a trio of brutal axe slashes which very nearly ended him. Thankfully the majority of the party were able to quickly back him up. It took a while but the heroes were eventually able to force the remaining cultist and Cyanwrath back from the stairway, allowing more of them to enter the melee, and the end result was the brutal death of the followers of Tiamat.

The heroes began to search the room, Sarah paying particular attention to the chest before the sculpted image of the dragon queen and discovering there was indeed a trap of some description……

…and that was where time caught up to us. Another fun-filled session under their belts, and revenge on Cyanwrath meted out. Though with the noise of that last battle anything left in the tunnels most definitely knows that enemies are about.

Nursery sess 7-8



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  1. The paladin gets +1 awesome points for tossing a Kobold corpse. Can I award him an inspiration point for that?

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