All Scars Ryder Cup Finale

BLThis weekend saw the culmination of the Leicester All Scars Ryder Cup competition with the forces of the Imperium (and its lackeys) took on the dark forces of its enemies.

I was originally due to be playing the Black Templar’s of fellow All Scar David Clarke but due to unforseen circumstance he had to drop out. Ever willing to face a challenge our club leader (and my long time opponent) Gary offered to face a double team of myself and Dave Dolman’s Eldar. So with a quick conflab about rough tactics I put a list together to supply ranged support to the squishy pointy ears.

I must say seeing Gary’s 4000 point force arrayed before deployment was daunting, but seeing the majority of it up close following a deathwing deepstrike on turn 1 was even worse!

Thankfully for the early part of the game Gary’s focus was the Eldar, taking Eldrad out in the first round and Dave’s casualties began mounting from there on in.

Thankfully both my reserve flyers arrived on turn 2 and began to cause mayhem for the tactical units the Dark Angels had left to cover objectives in their deployment zone, but the daethwing and ravenwing accompanied by the pair of Knights steadily tore up our battle lines.

The only survivor of our combined force was my heldrake, circling the battlefield. But although we lost the game the other tables results carried the day for the forces of darkness and secured us the overall victory.

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