All Scars painting challenge – 39 days to go.

As one of my favourite bands would sing “Oh, we’re half way there…”

This weekend saw me tip the scales in my balance on the All Scars painting challenge pledge, not only completing the first squad, but also the first of the HQ characters and the scenic bases.

The character was Lord Morrow, mounted on his custom attack trike and wielding the Hand of Darkness and Skull of Ker’ngar.

As a former sergeant of the Dark Angels Ravenwing, his left shoulder pauldron still sports the winged sword but it is now depicted in the colours of his new allegiance.

CAM01412 CAM01413 CAM01414

The bases followed a video tutorial one of my fellow All Scars put me on to. After gluing cork sheeting to the bases and roughly breaking the edges to suit. I base sprayed them with my standard Army Painter black. A quick touch up with Abaddon Black filled in the little bits the spray missed and the underneath overlaps


Next step was a drybrush of grey, I decided to use Blue Grey as some of my already painted models use this colour on the bases too.


On top of that was a lighter drybrush, this time of Elf Grey (yes some of my paints are that old).


Finally was some road marking details. I was using Bad Moon Yellow but it was a little watery so I mixed some up with a little ceramite white. I also used one of the now un-needed cavalry slotta bases to guide my straight lines.


One of the bases features part of a “stop” marking, while the wider one for the trike has the cross-hatching commonplace at junctions or parking areas. I have attempted to attach the models to the bases using pva (currently being left to dry), after an aborted attempt using my daughters mini glue gun (it was such a small amount that it was cooling too quickly to be useful).

CAM01419-1 CAM01420

Lord Morrow and his retinue of Nurgle bikers led by his “loyal” champion Jaxxon.

Clay Morrow – Chaos Lord (220pts)

Champion of Chaos, Fearless, Independent Character, Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War. Bike (20pts), Bolt Pistol, Mark of Nurgle (15pts) (*), Power Armour, Sigil of corruption (25pts), The Hand of Darkness (35pts) (*), The Skull of Ker’ngar (40pts),Power Sword (15pts)

Chaos Bikers (185pts)

Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War. 4x Chaos Biker (84pts), Mark of Nurgle (30pts) (Daemon of Nurgle), 2x Meltagun (20pts). Jaxxon – Chaos Biker Champion (51pts) Champion of Chaos, Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs (5pts), Power Sword (15pts)

405 points down, 380 to go.

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