All Scars Vordrast Incursion – Stage 2

SAMCRO-legionToday saw the streets and fields of Vordrast once again stained with the blood of the fallen as the Leicester All Scars took to the tables of Tabletop Tyrants for Stage 2 of the Vordrast Incursion campaign.

My SAMCRO Black Legion were facing the Blood Angels of John Salisbury, I’d only faced John briefly in the Doubles tournament but this would be a 3000 point bloodbath. The mission would be Tactical Escalation with the addition of our pre-generated Tournament Objectives (Hungry for Glory for me and Blood and Guts for John) we also had an additional rule for this game which scored either of us an extra VP for each unit totally destroyed.

This is the army I chose to take Vordrast Incursion 2.

John won the roll for choice of deployment and went first, I failed to seize the initiative and the mayhem began.

Highlights of the game:

Turn 1 brutal combat between a pair of knights which took each other out and scored us both First Blood (we agreed that as they struck simultaneously it made sense).

Turn 2 John’s remaining knight smashes a predator apart before being charged by my Lord and his biker buds. The Blood Angel storm raven arrives, unloading its sternguard but taking fire from my quad gun, reduced to 1 HP and losing its multi-meltas n the process. One of my rhinos advances, disgorging its squad of chosen who in turn unleash meltagun hell into the dreadnought and reduce it to a pile of slag.

Turn 3 Johns warlord, commander Dante and his sanguinary guard arrive intent on destroying my other rhino and its passengers, but thanks(?) to a shot by his vindicare taking the tank out first the chosen disembark on the opposite side of the wreck and out of sight of Dante’s boys. My heldrake turns up, its vector strike failing to damage the storm raven but its baleflamer destroying a marine unit with a plasma canon. My squad in the bastion (having been reduced to 2 men) finish the storm raven using the quad gun. Johns bikers assault into one of my chosen squads, his sergeant and my aspiring champion taking each other out in challenge, but the attack bike tying the rest of the squad up in combat.

Turn 4 and things start to go downhill, my bikers are taken out between the knight and the death company, leaving my Lord alone to continue facing the enemy – and then he fails to wound the knight with the hand of darkness and gets a reaper chainsword to the face for his troubles. My terminators finally arrive behind the landraider and Alvarez gets Endurance in play. The heldrake belches more demonic fire over the marines and assassin in hiding in the ruins, wounding the vindicare and reducing the marines numbers badly – and setting both ablaze. Dante takes my remaining predator out and the sanguinary guard finish off the bastion boys (and destroy the quad gun). My sorceror and termies take friendly fire from a scattering demolisher shell which failed to damage the landraider but still manage to wipe out the marines it disgorged before the psyked up sorceror assaults the tank (thank you Iron Arm).

Turn 5 Dante takes out my vindicator with a dirty shot up the tailpipe but then weathers a volley of bolter fire from the second nurgle marines unit (his 2+ armour barely got scratched). The sniper tried to kill Alvarez but his tzeentch boosted invulnerable saved him. In return he continued to hack at the landraider, hard enough to stagger the crew. The heldrake tried to vector strike the assassin before leaving the battlefield to circle around.

Turn 6 Dante joins the fight between the attack bike and chosen but fails to wound anyone, while his sanguinary guard butcher my marine unit. The last blood angel in the ruins with the assassin succumbs to soul blaze (yay someone died from it). Alvarez tries to kill himself as he powers up Life Leech, suffering a perils that robs him of a wound only for Leech to kill a sanguinary guard and give it him back, then getting Iron Arm and his force staff activated he leaves the landraider and heads for Dante. Calling the ancient angel out in challenge he only manages to score a single hit but at strength 9 and with smash and instant death all he needs is a 2 to slay his enemy – and I roll a freaking 1! In return Dante gets a single wound on me and I need a 4+ with my invulnerable – but tzeentch has turned his back on Alvarez and the sorceror is laid low.

Turn 7 and neither of us has a great deal left on the table, my chosen finally take the attack bike out only to be slaughtered by Dante in return. My heldrake returns, vector striking a sanguinary guard and again bathing the assassin in balefire but the imperial agents invulnerable saves him.

As usual we had an independent roll the die to see if we would get a turn 8 but it finally decreed the game over. Final score was 24-11 to John, the extra points for destroying units in assault certainly made a difference though the rest of the tactical cards we drew didn’t make a big difference. The overall result for the day was a 7-1 win for the Crusaders of Darkness.

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  1. Excellent write up Mik, really enjoyed the game it was great fun.

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